But is the World Safer?

Bush likes to remind Americas of his opinion that America is safer with his 'distraction war' in Iraq. But perhaps the real question should be, Is the world safer? I've forgot what it was like to read the news and not read headlines like "Blast Kills 35 Children." Actually, I think I'm starting to become completely desensitized to such headlines; glossing over it as if its an advertisement or other such nuisance.

Kyoto Treaty Still has Life?!

Back in 1997, a dream was coming together to realize a healthy and more stable environment for the future of all mankind. Everything was coming together and some real reforms were actually being made, then 'someone' becomes President and tells everyone to F-off. The Kyoto Treaty was just one of many treaties he backed out of and it seemed this one in particular was totally doomed. Then I read in the paper this mornign that the Russian government is moving towards adopting the treaty and thus making it effective for all the nations that signed on to it.

All I could think was "WOW!" How amazing it would be to actually see something done about our rapidly deteriorating environment. Sure, I don't see anything really happening here in Minnesota, but I've read more than enough stories about the far north and the devastating effects global warming is having up there. But what a slap in the face for the US - but I guess if George W Buttwipe is going to F-off the world, the world can just F-off the US.