iPhone's Best Feature

iPhone! iPhone! iPhone! I don't think a person could last through the week without hearing about the iPhone - even my mother was up on the news. So today we learned the phone plans with data aren't going to be freakin' outrageous which is good news for everyone. But the best part of the whole news blitz today has been learning consumers will be able to take the phone home and activate it through iTunes - rather than sitting in the store for 30-40 minutes. If only all phones could be self-activated at home through the computer - syncing up addresses, calendar, bookmarks and music. Sweet!


It took them long enough, but Google finally updated their Blogger Dashboard widget to work with the new Blogger.  Now if only I could remember how to make this URL an actual link...



The 'end' of Tony is near.

UPDATE: I watched the finale last night (a day late, I know). Holy crap! It was pretty damn good, and though the ending might give the finale close one might want, I found it fitting for the story. It never ends, life goes on.


Finally! A Blockbuster Online widget

The new version is pretty snazzy, now that you can manage the Que.