Vista delayed yet again. What is that - four years of delays now?


The new iPod ad is insane. Sick, as some might say but I just missed that generation terminology development.


I've got that ominous feeling.

Just a few days ago I was out grilling dinner for the first time in months, and now we have an approaching storm that some estimates say could dump up to 11 inches of snow overnight. Craptastic!


MINI competition?

I'm not about to give up my intent to get a MINI Cooper S convertible, but this is one sweet looking ride. If its as stylish and invigorating as a MINI, then this is going to be a car to watch out for. I love it!


Toronto goes Wi-Fi

Its going to be huge! Toronto Hydro is installing Wi-fi atop 18,000 utility poles all over the city. I love the idea of cities offering city-wide internet access, and especially offering reduced rates for low-income families. The internet has become almost necessary for households. I can't wait for Minneapolis to get its network up and running, but that might not be until next year because the government is just so damn slow. Hurry up already, before Wi-Max totally takes over for goodness sakes.


I don't know what kind of name that is, but apparently its the long awaited online-calendar app from Google.


You can do a lot with iWeb

So here I am reading the news about the opening of a new club in Minneapolis that I was interested in, Level. At the end of the article I hit the link to the club's website expecting to see the usual crap. But alas this was not the case, and much to my surprise the bottom of the page as "Made on a Mac" so prominent. Holy crap! But at first, I figure the webdesigner was just a fan, but then I clicked on the blog page - straight out of iWeb, down to the RSS subscription button. Oh snap! It dawns on me exactly what this is, and a quick check of the source code confirmed it. I knew a person could make their own templates, but I had yet to see one. Well, now I've seen one.