MacDailyNews: "*Last quarter: Dell posted $16 billion in revenue to make $784 million net quarterly profit. Apple posted $7.46 billion in revenue with $1.07 billion net quarterly profit."



Wow! Now that is a good movie - Heath better get an Oscar nom for
that performance. Christian did a great job as well - looking forward
to seeing him in the next Terminator.

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I got to try out one of the new fruit smoothies from Statbucks last
night. I had the chocolate banana without an espresso shot and it was
rather tasty. I can definitely see myself enjoying these, but way
with a little extra from the espresso - it is Starbucks after all. I
just didn't know I could when I ordered it.

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I met someone Friday who didn't know what an iPhone was? How is that possible?!?!

Mine should be delivered late next week - I hope.


PS3 Update rocks

With the latest PS3 update - the one that works - we've now been able to connect both the Apple wireless Mighty Mouse and wireless aluminum keyboard. The experience so far has been really smooth and intuitive - score one of Sony.


Rogers is totally ruining my iPhone day. The plans totally suck - though the wifi access is a little saving grace - but at least I'd still have a reason to buy something from an Apple Store. Which is by far my favorite store and shopping experience. But now thats gone! How could Apple let it get this far out of control that they decide to not participate?! I get it, but damn't.


One more week, just one more week.