Electric Mini: 0-60 in 4 Seconds

Now if only they would sell this puppy to the American public. It seems a British firm has converted the already fantastic Mini into an electric hybrid with electric motors in the wheels. With the small internal combustion engine recharging the batter, the car can get about 80mpg.

A Googler in Apple

What will the future hold? What does it mean? Does it mean anything?! I might not know the answers, and I wouldn't make grandiose assumptions since it is just a seat on the board, but this does come as most interesting news. Espectially considering how Google and Apple are both shaping up to take on ever more of Microsoft's 'turf' and as Microsoft is setting to take over every conceivable market reagardless.


MacUpdate vs. MacZOT

Wowser, finding and buying software for the Mac just got easier and a little cheaper with MacUpdate getting into the mix and playing virtually the same game that MacZOT started. I like both sites, but I'm guessing MacUpdate will carry the day in this fight. For MacUpdate, this is a further expansion of their services for their users who already patron the site for software updates and exploration of new programs. MacZot does just one thing, and though they do it well, thats about it.

Minneapolis picks Wi-Fi firm

Well it looks like my account with Earthlink's test network is for not. I was rooting for them, mostly because they placed an antena right outside my house, but they've also played friendly with Macs as well. But it seems the local guy will be getting the contract instead. But what I'm most concerned about is the StarTribune's report that a "special wireless model for $75 or $5/month will be required" to connect to the network. What is that about?! Can't we just use our wireless cards to access it?! I hope its just a journalists lack of knowledge about the technology.


Yale Shmale

You got to love Canada!


Multiple iPhoto Libraries

What an interesting little find, especially considering I found it while reading up on a $20 shareware program to provide management of multiple iPhoto libraries. Turns out you don't have to pay for a thing, just hold down the ALT key on launch. It totally works, and now I can use iPhoto to manage all sorts of images that don't necessarily belong with one another.


Writely is now OPEN

It took longer than some might have like to open back up Writely after Google purchased the site, but its finallu open to the public. I somehow finagled my way in a few weeks ago when the site started increasing the number of invites available. Its a very slick program - I would love to try out the collaborative features it offers. I think we're finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel when a user (probably not a power user) doesn't need a office suite on their computer, opting for the online alternatives. Writely is just a word processor among many on the web, some which are part of entire suites of office applications.
Looks like Dell is hurting a little bit, and this doesn't take into account that whole battery-on-fire recall.


Google finally updating Blogger

Honestly, I had forgotten Google had even purchased Blogger, but alas it turns out they're prepping an update. Looks fairly nifty, or atleast an attempt to stay up-to-date with current trends and technology. I'm still Blogger because its free and I'm generally lazy to switch, but yeah.

BMW unveils 2007 MINI

Its getting closer and closer to the all new Mini Cooper. BMW put out a press release with lots of pictures - I can't wait for the Paris Autoshow when its going to be shown to the public. This is going to be the one, I've been drooling over the Mini since 2001. This is just fantastic - what a great way to start the day.


Hollywood Studios OK burning movie downloads

Sweeet Jesus!! Might this mean we will be downloading movies and burning them to DVD to watch in our living rooms, backseats of minivans, at a friends, place, etc?!?!


Police will target 3 gangs on north side

Its about frick'n time the city of Minneapolis starts to take action on the grotesque number of crimes and homicides that have been taking place in North Minneapolis. The deaths have been so senseless and ridiculous - its frustrating to learn of a new death in the same neighborhood time and time again.

Startribune link



Ok, I'm as disappointed as the next fellow that Jobs brought us no new-fangled gizmos and gadgets for our tech-pleasure - our collective tech-lust was no satiated by any means.  But we did get some new Mac Pros and Xserves - all well and good.  The preview for Leopard - what we got to see anyway - was rather interesting but not particulary earth shattering.  I must admit though I can't wait to get my hands on these new little features, but I'm raising my hopes (perhaps too high) that the secret features for Leopard are going to be kick-ass.  

Let us just remember however that WWDC is all about the developers, the people who actually by MacPros and have actually seen an Xserve in use.  The iPods and iPhone stuff is all about consumers, so you got to know there will either be some exclusive media event in the coming weeks like as happened before, or MacWorld SanFrancisco in January is going to be stratospheric in announcements.  Well it better be at least - here Apple is with the market in its hands and its time to pounce hard.  People are frothing at the mouths for anything Apple right now - especially iPod/iTunes related - but increasingly Mac related.   


Mac OS X Leopard. Redmond has a cat, too. A copycat.

Its finally here!

WWDC. Be there.


For the procrastinator in all of us, with a little less guilt.

PS. I don't condone surfing while at work.

Google scores a homerun!

It seems XM Radio is going to start airing commercials on its non-music related stations and guess who is going to be running those ads?! Google. They had recently purchased dMarc to do radio commercials as they've done with web ads - but I guess they weren't going to just stop there.