Jericho is finally back on in 63 days. I'm counting down.


I'm finally on the Leopard, but my subwoofer and some specialty keys on my keyboard didn't make it. :( Guess what is on my Xmas list now.

Update: the specialty keys do in fact work now. Though I'm not 100% sure how I got that to happen.


My blond moment

I just realized Day Light Savings time is already in effect today.  

And that just means I have another hour to wait for Desperate Housewives.


To the stinky guy at the gym...

...brush your teeth before you workout.  You were breathing such a toxic fume it made me feel ill and cut my workout short.

And to the fat guy.  I'm thrilled you're working out - it takes a lot of courage and confidence to take the first steps to a healthier body.  But for the love of everything holy - stop dressing like you're a 110 lb jogger.  Get rid of the sweat band around your head, the short shorts (ahhh!) and the muscle shirts.  


Congratulations to Al Gore on winning the Nobel Peace prize.


Long distance relationship

I finally got to catch Bourne Ultimatum this weekend.  This long distance relationship makes it difficult to catch movies together with Bill, but it was worth the wait.  Wow - this one was really good - they gave the audience everything we wanted and then some.  


Plane conversation

I have never had a flight conversation before - I'm a quiet guy. But for my inaugraul talk I end up talking cars and refering to bill as my girlfriend. Fun.
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Hockey is way more fun than baseball

Ok, so yes I'm 27 and I've never seen a hockey game in person - but now that I have I'm totally up for another.  I had no idea the referees actually stand back and watch the fights - I was in total shock during the first fight of the game.  Brutal and so gosh-damn fun!  


In just 7 days I'll be waking up in Toronto...but just for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully it won't be too much longer and I'll be waking up there everyday. The wait is excruciating.


I'm ashamed of myself - I downloaded "Gimme More" by Britney Spears.  

As bad as the performance was, the song is kind of catchy - but you won't hear it blaring out of the Coop anytime soon.  Someone else needs to blaze that path.

I think this guy should get some royalties for giving a better performance - not only does he sing but he SIMULTANEOUSLY plays the piano. I wonder if he can dance?


iPod nano

I know its a nano, but the new ones are almost too damn tiny.  The scroll wheel is half the size of the previous version - that might be an exaggeration, but its noticably smaller.


The smell of fall is starting to permeate the air. Thoughts of cider
and pumpkins are becoming more frequent. I'm in the mood for sweater
shopping and wearing my rimmed frames - I stick to the rimless all
summer like they'll make me cooler(temp) or something.

And with fall comes better consistency at making it to the gym - fuck
does that hurt. I've been good over the summer but there is certainly
room for improvement.

Toronto beckons. Soon! Very soon now.


I lost my mobile on Sunday night at a movie theater and now it appears to be on ebay going to the highest bidder. WTF!? So in approximately 4 days, when the auction is nearing completion I will be jumping in at the last minute to put in the highest bid which will hopefully be low - considering dude wants $18 to ship it.

But how funny would it be to buy my lost cell phone off ebay, start it up and have my contacts and photos back in my possession again.

UPDATE: I wasn't completely sure I had identified my phone - though I feel it was mine - so therefore felt it inappropriate to claim the item as stolen. And I will never know, as bidding went WAY above what I would pay to get it back. So it was off to T-mobile to get my old Sidekick II up and running again. Its huge, but it does do email and AIM - but it certainly is no iPhone!


I'll admit it - I don't get Twitter.  Am I just getting old and out of touch?!  Or does it just not have a point?


I spent $43.78 to download and watch the entire first season of Jericho - which had been set to not return to the small screen despite a rather dramatic cliffhanging season finale.  Unfortunately I never had or took the opportunity to catch the show when it was aired on TV - between the lack of knowing anything about the show and whenever it aired I just never caught an episode.  But from the first show I was hooked, drawn in by the post-apocalyptic drama set in central Kansas.  

I caught myself day-dreaming a little bit about how I might survive such a scenario.  Ofcourse I've always been one for the 'fantasy' this type - though by no means wishful for it.  

I'm looking forward to catching the next eight or so episode that have now been ordered up since CBS headquarters was inundated with tons and tons of peanuts.  Hopefully there will be an entire season in the works soon enough.


I just got back from catching SiCKO - I need to digest it.  


iPhone's Best Feature

iPhone! iPhone! iPhone! I don't think a person could last through the week without hearing about the iPhone - even my mother was up on the news. So today we learned the phone plans with data aren't going to be freakin' outrageous which is good news for everyone. But the best part of the whole news blitz today has been learning consumers will be able to take the phone home and activate it through iTunes - rather than sitting in the store for 30-40 minutes. If only all phones could be self-activated at home through the computer - syncing up addresses, calendar, bookmarks and music. Sweet!


It took them long enough, but Google finally updated their Blogger Dashboard widget to work with the new Blogger.  Now if only I could remember how to make this URL an actual link...



The 'end' of Tony is near.

UPDATE: I watched the finale last night (a day late, I know). Holy crap! It was pretty damn good, and though the ending might give the finale close one might want, I found it fitting for the story. It never ends, life goes on.


Finally! A Blockbuster Online widget

The new version is pretty snazzy, now that you can manage the Que.


Safari and Google Gears - Coming Soon!

Sweet! I knew I read that Google Gears worked with Safari - but when I went to download it there was no such luck. Turns out it only works with the latest version of WebKit - so I take it Safari 3 is going to be rockin the Gears.

Now if only Google Documents worked with Safari - here's hoping Leopard and Safari 3 get things straightened all out.

Switching to 2%

I never really understood why Starbucks used whole milk as the standard with their espresso drinks. Apparently enough people have been requesting lower-fat milk, that Starbucks is going to switch to 2% as their default. The article mentions doing so eliminates 70 calories from a grande latte.

I went through thier nutritional information page a few months ago and realized just how many calories are in some of their drinks. I've been going low-fat, sugar-free and no whip ever since - now I don't feel so guilty when I have a little treat.



A time "blackhole"

I've been spending way too much time at this - perhaps I should take a few summer courses...



Wii, the 'green' game console

Just read an article on WiiFanboy regarding the power consumption of gaming consoles. Seems the Wii blows the competition clearly out of the water. Now I don't feel so bad leaving it on all the time (in sleep) but maybe we'll shutoff WiiConnect24.



Work has been crazy busy and all the homework on top hasn't been helping with the stress levels, but I still managed to learn just enough Flash to make something useful. In our office, we have these three 40" LCDs in the lobby, and I was fortunate enough to get the chance to work with them. Though not incredibly exciting, its my first chance at learning Flash and seeing what it can do.

Anyway, there were more than a few kinks to work out and I still have plenty of little things to learn. But I've managed to build a relatively nice looking movie that fills out the screens (no easy task) and looks good doing it. I have a few guide books to read and I'm taking a two-day class next month - I'll be an old pro in no time.


Crap! I let me BusinessWeek subscription run out. Damn't!


Here we come Cozumel!

We finally settled on a vacation spot for some fun in the sun. Its pretty much my first ‘real’ vacation on my own - and the first more-than-a-weekend vacation together with Bill. We’ve planned for seven days at an all-inclusive beach resort, there will be snorkeling, mopeding, site-seeing, para-sailing, and certainly lots of laying around.


Work was just a bevy of nightmares these past two weeks. Two major deadlines within days of each other - and the bigger the project and tighter the deadline = the more things that go wrong. And my late nights in the office were completely surpassed by one of my co-workers who was there almost non-stop. I can tell my homework this week suffered a little bit, not too much that I'm going to do bad in the course, but enough to disappoint myself. Ofcourse the week was focused on distribution, not one of the most delightful aspects of marketing thats for sure.

On top of it, our new printer for the office isn't connected to the network just yet - so that means lots of running back and forth between buildings to get anything printed in color. What fun - but it works out since sort of since I haven't made it to the gym in a while. I haven't been doing horrible on that front - just maintaining my current wait during all these late nights and 'some' poor eating - but I swear I watched it.

Holy crap I have to teach myself Flash quick fast and in a hurry. I'm the resident tech-guy at work, so that means anything 'fancy' means I'm it. Not to complain though, looks cool and should be interesting.


They come in colors now to

As if the iPod shuffle wasn't cute enough, they come in pretty colors now too. Damn't! I just got a shiny new black, 30 gig iPod and I LOVE it! But the shuffle is just too cute for words.


MINI Clubman

Oh boy oh boy! Its getting closer and closer - but not until after November 2008?!?! That sucks, but how long will we need to wait for a diesel Mini to hit our shores?



What a great day to get the flu, but apparently there is a rather nasty norovirus running around the county causing quite a ruckus.


Holy Crap! Tomorrow is the "BIG" day - well, potentially the big day but one can't say for sure until it actually is or isn't but here's to hoping - when at 11am Central Time Steve Jobs walks onto stage about begins his ~2 hour presentation to unleash untold goodness. I have a good feeling about this one - but I'm trying my best not to get my hopes up too high. But Daddy needs a new cellphone - I'm just sayin'.


Spiders on Drugs

This is the kind of widget the Dashboard was made for - quick reference!


Vidcast time

Daddy got Daddy a new iPod for Christmas - one of those shiny ones that does video. So that means its finally vid-cast time - not that I couldn't have before but where was the fun in that? My first vidcast subscription, and potentially my favorite has to be: the show with zefrank.

Check it out - seriously intellectual, funny, informative and wacky.


Cinnamon Dolce Latte is back!

A tall no-fat, sugar-free CDL clocks in at 90 calories.


Apple's teaser?!

Check it out on the mother page. What does it mean?


The New Year

Its all over baby! And so is the week+ of vacation which has been just what the doctor ordered - going back to work tomorrow is going to require pain meds or something. We went over to Ontario for the holiday to spend some time with Bill's family and we took the Wii along for a little extra fun. Little did we know how much fun - our Wii hadn't seen as much continuous play since we got it on that chilly November morning not so long ago. His mom turned out to be a huge fan of Wii Sports Bowling - and the quest for the Pro status and the new shiny ball was on everyone's agenda. When we weren't playing, we were looking for a Wii console for the family (or an extra nunchuck for ourselves). We got real close to finding a system, twice, but neither time was successful. Nor did we find any nunchucks, but we did score two classic controllers.

Alas its time for resolutions to start out the new year with high ambitions only to see most of them fail miserably. Ok, so I'm not a fan of the resolutions bit that people do every year at this time, but I have a few goals to keep in mind this year. First of all, getting through grad school this year with high marks - so far so good, but the tough classes are coming up soon. We have finally signed back up at a gym after a hiatus longer than I care to admit. Not the best timing to go back with all the resolution gym visits that will be taking place, but we're going back anyway and that is important. And the oddball goal - oddball for me perhaps - is to atleast try kayaking. I don't have any particular reason, but it looks fun and should do something outside.