You know when you're outside of civilization when...

...people are still renting VHS tapes.

Come on dad - I have a DVD player!

Oh Crap!

Ah crap, its Christmas already. Thank goodness I already got all my shopping done, but the cards are still on the table - just waiting for stamps. Good thing I got 'happy holidays' cards instead of the Christmas ones. I just don't have stamps - ah well, I'll send them out on Tuesday when I don't go into work. Kitty and I are at the folks' place - he's starting to warm up to the dog, but its slow going. Bill went home to Canada for Christmas - I'll be catching up with him for New Years to celebrate.

I've totally started listening to the frenchpodcast - might as well start learning some french before I immigrate. I'm kind of floating on lesson one still - but I just started and I'm repeating the lessons to get it all down. Soon, Bill and I can curse tourists at the MOA and they'll never know. Hehehe, hahaha (evil menancing laugh here.)

Anyway, have a good one!


DirectTV Tivo wannabe


I'll stick with the real thing.


Family Guy - Ruined

Oh what luck, "Family Guy" was totally rocking last night, but what had to happen - Bush had to make some stupid speach to try to raise his ratings. Unfortunately, no one told my Tivo, but I still blame Bush. Why not!


Fuck you Star Tribune!

They totally just scammed me for delivery I didn't ask for. Oh, those bastards. I'm pissed right now.


a SWT review

I just caught a BusinessWeek review of the new Motorola PEBL from T-Mobile. I have no illusions regarding the less than perfect quality of the software on Motorola phones, but this review seems to suggest its not all bad with the PEBL - or perhaps he was just too taken with the design.



Its finally out, and best yet its available from T-Mobile. Now, I just have to wait until January before I'm allowed to upgrade and get a decent deal. Which isn't bad, since its $300 right now - I wouldn't mind a price drop.


Leave it alone people!

Inflatable, yard snow-globes - the one's with the blowing snow. I think they are the coolest new thing - in terms of Christmas yard decorations. But everywhere I turn, people are making fun of them, calling their display 'tacky.' WHATEVER! They're neato!

FYI - no I don't have one, Bill said they were tacky and wouldn't get one. Damn't!


This weekend

I had the pleasure, or displeasure, of seeing "Rent" the movie this weekend. Whereas I enjoyed the play well enough and the movie seemed to do a good job, it just went on for way to long. Just when you thought it was over, BAM!, it started up again. Ah well, I'll get to cleanse my palette this weekend with "Brokeback Mountain."

Finally, after living in the Twin Cities for seven years, I took in Marshall Fields' animatronic extravaganza display - this year: Cinderella. It really was quite interesting and cool - I really wish I would have caught the Harry Potter display in 2000. Unfortunately I was a bit slow getting on the Harry Potter boat - I'm still not interested in actually reading the books.

I actually went out this weekend - had a few drinks and did some dancing. Stayed up WAY past my usual bedtime and I don't think I yawned even once. The anxiety crept in just a little bit, but it stayed down and quiet.


A Christmas present from Fitzgerald?!?

Fitzgerald is back in front of a grand jury today - perhaps working on an indictment on Rove?! One can only hope the evil penguin goes down - he's seriously bad news. The guy used to be a direct marketer for goodness sake.


Please let it be so!

I stumbled upon podcasts from HBO's "ROME" mini-series, which by the way is freakin' awesome. For some reason, I thought the series of shows that just aired, highlighting the rise and sudden death of Julius Caesar, was all there would be. But just today, while listening to the interview with James Purefoy, he mentions that was just the first season! Wahoo! Please let it be so, the show was very entertaining, and damn't I want to know what happens. Eventhough I just read the whole story about Antony on wikipedia.org.



I just discovered this site a few weeks ago, and it has quickly ratcheted its way into my daily routine of site surfing. (a limited and slow changing list of sites.)Admittadly, The Unofficial Apple Weblog is my favorite site for obvious reasons, but treehugger.com has become a staple. Better yet, they've been around for awhile and post often, so they have a huge archive of information.

I recently discovered new bamboo fiber bed sheets, that are softer than cotton and have the grace of silk - available at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a reasonable price. Who said being green had to be expensive. Though, granted many of the items are ridiculously expensive, but a few good deals can still be had.

Plus, I can chalk it up as research at work since construction related technologies are also mentioned!