In just 7 days I'll be waking up in Toronto...but just for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully it won't be too much longer and I'll be waking up there everyday. The wait is excruciating.


I'm ashamed of myself - I downloaded "Gimme More" by Britney Spears.  

As bad as the performance was, the song is kind of catchy - but you won't hear it blaring out of the Coop anytime soon.  Someone else needs to blaze that path.

I think this guy should get some royalties for giving a better performance - not only does he sing but he SIMULTANEOUSLY plays the piano. I wonder if he can dance?


iPod nano

I know its a nano, but the new ones are almost too damn tiny.  The scroll wheel is half the size of the previous version - that might be an exaggeration, but its noticably smaller.


The smell of fall is starting to permeate the air. Thoughts of cider
and pumpkins are becoming more frequent. I'm in the mood for sweater
shopping and wearing my rimmed frames - I stick to the rimless all
summer like they'll make me cooler(temp) or something.

And with fall comes better consistency at making it to the gym - fuck
does that hurt. I've been good over the summer but there is certainly
room for improvement.

Toronto beckons. Soon! Very soon now.


I lost my mobile on Sunday night at a movie theater and now it appears to be on ebay going to the highest bidder. WTF!? So in approximately 4 days, when the auction is nearing completion I will be jumping in at the last minute to put in the highest bid which will hopefully be low - considering dude wants $18 to ship it.

But how funny would it be to buy my lost cell phone off ebay, start it up and have my contacts and photos back in my possession again.

UPDATE: I wasn't completely sure I had identified my phone - though I feel it was mine - so therefore felt it inappropriate to claim the item as stolen. And I will never know, as bidding went WAY above what I would pay to get it back. So it was off to T-mobile to get my old Sidekick II up and running again. Its huge, but it does do email and AIM - but it certainly is no iPhone!