Its a 101F in downtown Toronto today. Damn't! Didn't they teach us in school that Canada was cold?! (j/k)


5 1/2 Hours

Thats it! 5 1/2 hours and I leave this office pretty much for good. This time tomorrow I'll be on a plane headed for Toronto - hitting up the sites, taking in Pride, and scoping out the town. Six days and five nights of vacation - and the Smarties factory!!


Not the thing a homeowner wants to see

Not to give away my location, but the top picure on this kare11.com web page is very close to my house! Four cars got stalled in the middle of the road, surrounded by several inches of water. We were wondering why the KARE 11 truck was parked down the street.


Gas 1.0 Widget

It's finally here! A Gas 1.0 is a widget to find the cheapest gas in your area. I'm just about to install it so I don't know how good it is, but so far the ratings I'm seeing on VersionTracker are perfect scores!


This is one sweet looking iPod speaker system. Better yet, the iHome has a built-in alarm clock. Engadget is stating it should go for about $100 - priced better than some other speaker systems. Posted by Hello

Apple and Sundance Channel sign podcast deal

Sundance is bring Air America's Al Franken show to the masses via iTunes soon-to-be podcasting abilities. This is a cool start for iTunes podcasts - I wonder what other awesome content might be in the works?!

"Widget Creator"

I am so trying this out when I get home. I don't know if I'll be able to make anything of it, but damn I want to try.


MacIntel - coming fast!

MacDailyNews is reporting that Unreal Tournament 2004 for Macintosh has already been converted to run on a MacIntel. Thats pretty damn fast considering hardly anyone knew the switch was coming, and a good sign how easy the transition should be. I'm actually starting to get really excited about the possibilities of whats now possible.


The Last Two Weeks

The last two weeks are the best weeks of a job, aren't they?! All those little things that used to irritate one to no end, suddenly haven't little impact. Work is virtually stress free, and when things start to heat up just a simple reminder relaxes everything. I'm loving it!


T-Mobile tops J.D Power’s wireless customer care rankings

Ok, so maybe T-Mobile tops J.D Power’s wireless customer care rankings, and that is all good and all. Really appreciate the improvement over horrible customer service at AT&T Wireless and Cingular, but when are they going to hit us up with the cool phones?!



I'm still not totally crazy about the idea, but I'm starting to see the potential. Or at least the Jobs distortion field has me - one of the two. But I'm thinking it might be easier for people to differentiate the differences between the Mac and PC if that hardware is the same. Than the adage, "Its the software, stupid" will really ring loudest and have a real impact. No more trying to explain how 2.5 could be faster than 3.7.

I will admit however, I'll probably save up to buy the most pimped out G5 unit I can get and be a holdout for as long as possible. But time could always change that.

Congrats Thomas!

I witnessed my brother graduate high school this past weekend, and then I'm heading back home this weeked for the little party. He's kind of acted like its a non-event - perhaps there is something genetic in our attitudes about graduation. I've been glad to be done with school and college, but both times I was utterly bitchy about the whole thing. Now imagine that I actually want to go back - 5 bucks I'll be a royal bitch the next time around too.


Wall Street Journal, NY Times: Apple has informed industry partners of impending Intel shift

I am going to cry if this comes to fruition. I'll try to keep an open mind, but I just cannot get my mind around this possibility. I've been ignoring the rumors of late, but more and more 'reports' have been published making the rumor way too loud to ignore. Thank goodness Steve's keynote is starting in about 40 minutes. I'll be glued.


And the hypocrit falls...

Spokane Council asks mayor to resign

'Will & Grace' star gets talk show

Tivo has some recording to do, as "Karen Walker" gets her own talk show. Naturally it won't be Karen Walker present, Megan Mullaly will be an incredible host - she's charming and has a great voice. Let's see what she can do.