Sweet! The Wii Forecast channel is live today and its not too shabby at all. The whole globe thing is pretty cool - it will at least be impressive for some people.

Even better, it sounds like the Opera browser will be available for download free starting this Friday to start surfing the Internet from the Wii. Download it right away before they start charging for it!


Wiimote straps

Apparently Nintendo is going to replace the Wiimote straps because too many of them have been flying out of people's hands and breaking tvs, windows, etc. Strap or not, but how are these things just flying out of people's hands. I usually don't strap myself in and I've never lost my grip. This is the silliest thing I have ever heard.


Oh its been a bit of a boring week for me..

The weather has been unseasonably warm, which does nothing for putting me in the Christmas spirit. So I suppose its a good thing I have all my Christmas shopping done already.

Call of Duty 3 took way too little time to pass - Easy level or not. This seriously bums me out - Bill has been playing that Zelda game for weeks now and still isn't to the end.

New Jersey passed a civil unions bill - thats pretty darn exciting. At least democracy is protecting minorities in one more state - but its not much compared to all the states with bans.

I have been playing with the Vox blogger community/engine. Its interesting and certainly looks good, but its not matching up to Blogger in features and convenience.

One more episode of Dexter left for the season and its going to be a real nail biter. How the hell is Dexter going to make it out of that?! Will Deb get chopped up?! Why do we have to wait until late 2007 for the next season?! Questions, questions, questions...


Funny Vid

This short just completely made my day - hilarious!


I have a question about this whole military coup affair taking place in Figi. Why the heck does Figi have a military? And why does the US send $2.5 million in aid for military weapons purchasing?


Two more episodes of deadly Dexter delight...

What?!! Only two more episodes this season already?! I don't want it to be over just yet, but then again it looks like things might be taking a turn to the darker side. And imagine what the darker side is when the show is about a serial killer.

Well we didn't get anything concrete about Dexter and Rudy being brothers, but I swear I heard Dexter's mother say "babies" rather than "baby." And apparently the books have the two as brothers anyway, but in my book it ain't real until I see it on the show. Now, is it me or is Dexter's apartment number 103? I think thats the "clue" left behind at the crime scene but no one figured it out. Oh, and the way Dexter took care of Paul - first of all I thought the bonk on the head was like a dream sequence - what a shock when it wasn't. His clean up of the 'situation' was really good - I kept thinking, "No, don't do it. You'll get caught." Sure enough, he came up with a better idea. But will it come back to bite him in the ass?!?!

Ok, I know Rudy has always been a little creepy - even before we knew who he was - but I'm getting a little 'scared.' I don't think things are going to turn out very well at all.

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