April 29th is finally here! My copy is already at home, thanks to FexEx overnight - and I just ordered my copy from Apple yesterday morning and the shipping was free!! Posted by Hello


Secret Option "C"

The Senate Dems are finally up to something - making sure the Republicans don't destroy the filibuster in the American government - and they've got a weapon Trent Lott titled, "The Nuclear Option."

Morning Sedition: Wednesday -- Secret Option "C"

AppleInsider | Apple to unveil .Mac 3.0 internet service

Rumor has it on AppleInsider Apple is planning to unveil .Mac 3.0 on Friday in sync with Tiger.

I'm excited to see how the new .mac features work with Tiger - make it more of a value. But I'm probably most intrigued about the redesigned interface and the new templates. One can always use more templates.


Air America Place - Air America Radio mp3 Archive

i finally found it - I'm sure its been around for awhile, but we can now get podcasts of Air America Radio. For whatever reason I can't get the podcast links to work, but I could download the archive and copy it into iTunes.

A few months ago, the local Air America station got rid of Morning Sedition from my morning commute (actually they took it off, then brought it back at a much earlier time) and replaced it with a boring newspaper columnist. (Sorry, Mr. Coleman might be really good but I don't think he compares well with Marc and Mark.)

But that doesn't matter now.


St. Thomas president denounces Ann Coulter's speech as hateful

I went to St. Thomas and I know how conservative campus can be, but I also knew most people intelligent with their thoughts, and respectful of others. So its with delight I hear the president denounces Ann Coulter's speech as hateful and not of the caliber that appropriate for St. Thomas.

Doug Grow: Mulling Twins ballpark plan no easy matter

I think Doug Grow of the StarTribune wraps up my thoughts on the Twin's ballpark plan pretty well, though I can't admit being a fan of the sport. I particularly like his analysis of the return on investment Pohlad is likely to see. For the $125 million he puts forward, he'll probably see $130 million in return, most of that upfront on the first day of operations in the new park.

So maybe a .05 tax increase could be proposed and perhaps that money could be used to fund education, healthcare and transportation. Yeah, that sounds good to me. Far more people will benefit from such a tax increase than a stadium that only helps the richer continue to get richer.

NewsFire gets Podcasts

NewsFire gets podcasts with its latest version and it does it beautifully. I just started in with podcasts this weekend, of course and started with Lucky Bitch Radio and hoping to find other great daily downloads.


StarGate SG-1 Dashboard Widgets

Mac OS X Tiger isn't quite out yet, but more and more Dashboard widgets are finding their way onto the net. The first one I'll download will by theStarGate SG-1 Widget counting down the days until the next season.
Most people I've talked with aren't exactly thrilled with the new look of the VW Jetta, though the new grill is striking. As it turns out however, the new Jetta has received the best score ever in a side-impact crash test. That is totally awesome news, giving this car a little more interest.


The US is getting SMART.


The wait is almost over - in fact some people have already started to receive their copies! I can't wait - this is so damn exciting! Posted by Hello


Google Ride Finder

I haven't seen any mention of this new feature, the news so far has been on Google Search History. Looks like its basically Google Maps with taxi companies already dotting the map. Kind of cool I suppose, especially if you're visiting a city.

iTunes Mobile to launch in June

I just can't imagine people actually paying $2 to $3 dollars per song, AND the data network fees to download those songs to one's cell phone. Its crazy to think people will do this - I still can't understand why people will pay just as much for 20 second ring tones.

Hopefully Apple and Motorola's phone will kick but and whatever this software does /, lets hope it does a great job.


The Missing Sync for hiptop

I didn't think we would ever see it released, but The Missing Sync for hiptop or Sidekick has finally been released.

I had read on discussion boards that the software was ready, but the company wasn't getting permission to sell it for some damn reason. Finally, someone got a clue at T-Mobile or Danger - maybe we can read into this as further evidence T-Mobile is playing nice with Apple and will release the iPod Phone from Motorola. Haha - nah, too early to say.


At least they finally picked a new pope and the media frenzy might finally start to die down and focus on some real news. Far more important things happening in the world than the election of a backwards thinker.


Here here!

Powered By Gay

I echo Scott's sentiments and now apparently Bill Clinton's sentiments as well. Republican supporting gays have self-hate issues, period. Especially if you went as far as getting married to your male partner. HELLO!


Smashing Pumpkins

Ok, no offense to mom and dad, but growing up I wasn't exactly exposed to much in terms of music, americana, chinese takeout, etc. I joke I grew up in a box with no lights. So when the discussion about when a song a came out, or about some old tv show - I usually have no idea what is going on. I remember when Beavis & Butthead came out, or rather when I didn't know they came out and were the hit of the summer. I show back up to school after the summer and thats all everyone is talking about - I still haven't seen an episode. I didn't really start listening to music until I was finishing highschool and going off to university.

So it should be no surprise that I don't know most of the work by 'Smashing Pumpkins'. However, I do know well enough that I like their work - so when I noticed last night their catalog was added to the iTunes Music Store. Well, lets just say all those winning Pepsi caps from my brother are finally getting used, and fast. So in a way, I'm only really discovering these guys about 12 years late. Hmm.

Seriously, don't have a cow. Get a cat! Posted by Hello

Minneapolis earning its tech cred

Our fair city of Minneapolis is soliciting bids for a Wi-Fi network across the entire city for everyone to use. Sounds like what they're really doing is connecting all the government buildings and city vehicles together on a wireless network and then extending the service to everyone in the area. I'm quite interested in how they will be intergrating the fiber optic network into the mix. The sweetness of it all if they started hard-wiring neighborhoods with fiber connections, but I'll still be happy with the wireless. Seems my next computer is going to be a laptop anyway - although I really do love the iMac.

Its ventures like this that will make the city great, not collosal money pits like a new stadium. Can you beleive they're actually talking about building two?!

Tiger - April 29th - 17 days!!!!

Mac OS X - Tiger

Learn all about it.



Perhaps the end of the Yellow Pages horrific presence will be coming to an end. Apparently a new study is showing a rather steep decline from 75% to 62% in YP usage. I hates them, I hates them so much. I just get angry from my tippy toes when a new one has been dropped off at my door. And theres like a bunch of people who still think they can't live without them.

Photo 13.jpg

Photo 13.jpg


The dark side

Ok, so mama gots a sweet tooth and I Love chocolate. But I'm afraid I
have to say dark chocolate M&Ms are just too much for me.

I'm ashamed.

Overheard while shopping in Costco

"So did anyone die in the house?"


Desktops to shake a stick at

Check out mandolux« for some great desktops. Right now as I'm looking at it, a tribute to Starbucks. But in the archives for March 23 its titled: "Firefox: Always Use Protection."

Photo 12.jpg

Photo 12.jpg

I'm getting no work done today.


New .Mac member benefit

Apple is now giving .mac members a 30-day free trial for T-Mobile HotSpots. Pretty cool, and if you sign-up for the full service you'll get 20 free songs in iTunes.

Now if only T-Mobile and Apple would work to make the Sidekick iSync compatible.

Minimum wage increase advances to MN House floor

Finally some progress! 6.65 is barely much to talk about, but considering minimum wage hasn't been increased in seven years its high time we did something.

People always balk at change, but in the end everything works out just fine.

Daylight time would start early, end late in energy saving move

Any move to reduce daylight savings time is good one in my book, especially since it reduces oil consumption (no matter how small).


Starbucks Coffee Liqueur

Has anyone gotten their lips on this yet? I'm not much of a drinker, but I love Starbucks and as such I'm totally fascinated with just about everything they do.


House OKs citizen vote on gay marriage

House OKs citizen vote on gay marriage

A committment has been made by the House, and though the Senate indicates they will fight this off, I'm sure this vote strikes more than a bit of concern for a lot of people in this state. Discrimination doesn't belong in our constitution. Period.

Mom, if this passes I'll be moving with Bill back to Canada.