Couple of Stories

Last night I went out with Melissa for dinner at our favorite Chinese place, Cleveland Wok in St. Paul - check it out sometime if you haven't. While we were dining, Melissa pauses for a moment to reveal to me the 'one' thing I taught her. I'm sure all the boys will know this, but when you have a straw in a glass of some fluid you can pull some of the fluid out by simply placing a finger over the top of the straw. Sometimes when I get bored I'll do this repetitively, or when I'm drinking root beer floats. Apparently Melissa had never known about this little trick of physics and was quite taken with it - now she does this when bored.

Well now that I have you going to the Wok, you should check out the new store across the street from it, Patina. It reminded me a lot of The Afternoon at the Mall of America, but bigger and perhaps even more fun. I just checked around the store, but this could be my replacement store for gift shopping. Lots of fun things to check out, and if I had some money I would have bought something.



Work has been putzing along for the last two weeks, its satisfying enough not to bore me into a coma, but at the same time its just not enough intellectually let alone financially. But I’m not going to talk about my finances, its my own damn fault and I don’t deserve sympathy at all, though a little help here and there is greatly appreciated.

I went to school for marketing, I know that’s what I’m good at otherwise I would haven’t studied it in the first place. I’ve recently settled on a statement for my preferred career/career path, “product and/or business development and/or redevelopment in a consumer and/or technology driven company.” When everything is all boiled down, business development is the stuff that gets me going. Back in high school I took part in developing a youth center in my hometown. Putting on a fundraiser was ok, but discussing and writing a business plan, creating a business model and discussing revenue streams can keep me going all night long. And I did mean to make a sexual reference just now, because when I got game, I feel the sexiest. My career statement really came into focus last week when I realized I’m writing a business plan for fun – I’m not even joking. I love this stuff, come up with an idea and figure out how it would work, though figuring out how to make it work is the hard part for me. The business plan would be totally awesome for the Twin Cities, let alone national development, but I don’t have a clue how to do it all let alone get the money. I’m an idea guy, I come up with ideas and tell you how to do it - but I'm lackluster on the follow-through. Partially because I’m dependent on other people for motivation, but also because I haven’t had the exposure to business other people might have. Coming from a blue-collar family, I find it hard to relate and integrate into the white-collar world I’m intelligent enough to be a part of.

So if you’re reading this and you have some advice or insight into starting a small business I would really love to hear it, or just some words of encouragement and motivation would be nice too.


Alarming Trend

Anyone else noticing an alarming trend over the weekend? The Bush Administration has been issuing various warnings to Syria and Iran, specifically using the phrase, “Weapons of Mass Destruction” with Iran. Could this be the beginning of America propaganda to link Iran with Iraq, which has been falsely linked with 9/11? Are Americans as a whole dumb enough to fall for it? Seems to be the case, when a recent poll shows fifty percent of Americans believe Iraq was behind the 9/11 attacks. Just in case you’re one of them, Iraq WAS NOT behind 9/11, but our president sure makes it sound that way without actually saying it. The Al Qaida headquartered in Afghanistan were the ones responsible and we already invaded a country over that incident. I think perhaps the most sad part about all of this, is that us Americans are responsible for it all; Al Qaida, Iraq, and Iran. Part of me says we deserve what we get, and the other says we need to clean up after our mistakes.

I must admit though I fell for the Administration’s propaganda suggesting the Iraq war would be swift. It has become increasingly clear the conflict could last well into the summer, and if Iraq wasn’t a supported of terrorist organization it will quickly become one. Just think 4,000 suicide bombers, a number told by Saddam, are preparing themselves to defend Iraq against the American invaders. Depending how the upcoming thrust plays out, much could be surmised about the future of America in the Middle East and the potential for terrorist attacks on America and Americans around the globe. Things are only going to get worse the longer this war plays out, and I think its obvious Bush’s foreign policy won’t do anything to help the matter.

Furthermore, its readily agreed by many one of the problems America faced during the Vietnam quagmire was the politicians telling the military how to fight the way. The general and whatnot have been trained to fight wars, politicians have no place in such an arena. Guess what has been happening with the Iraq war? Donald Rumsfeld has been calling the shots, cutting the ‘Powell Doctrine’ to pieces. He may actually be the reason this war is going to take so long, since he scaled back the number of troops, etc that were being sent it. The Powell Doctrine, used during the first Gulf Conflict was to use overwhelming force to quickly defeat the enemy. I wonder what Powell was doing during the meetings when the administration was discussing the war, serving everyone coffee?


What a great day

Today was a really good day for me, Melissa and I went for a walk to and around Lake Calhoun. I think we live like 6 blocks away or something like that, and though it was chilly the sun was shining and keeping us warm. It was a pleasant experience - I can't express how peaceful it was.

Last night was splendid as well, hung out with Cat-guy for the evening. He's starting to take notice and make improvements to his nest. It was so charming last night shopping for rugs, lamps, etc. and seeing his face light up as we placed them about. I'd write more, but I don't know how to express my elation in words right now.



"If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, it is not merely because evil deeds may be performed in the name of patriotism ... but because patriotic fervor can obliterate moral distinction altogether."
-Ralph Barton Perry


Gay Standard Time

Why are many gay men always late? Melissa had commented on this many times before, because all the gay guys she knows are always late, and it doesn't matter the event. I'm totally guilty of this all the time, although lately I've been getting to work with lots of time to spare. Are we fussing with our hair for too long, even-though we have considerably less? Is our sense of style so defined we have to go through several revisions of our outfits? Could it be all of these? Personally I had a huge problem getting to meetings and classes on time, and of course I wouldn't walk in late so I missed a lot. A few months ago I caught five minutes of Dr. Phil - I'm not a fan mind you - and he was talking with someone who finds themselves perpetually late for things. He suggested it has to do with arrogance and a lack of respect for the other people we're late meeting. Lack of respect is not an issue, but I'll admit arrogance can sometimes get the best of me especially with lame classes I don't want to attend. My friend Dan has a theory, its called GST or Gay Standard Time, kind of an all encompassing excuse without solid merit but still used unequivocally. Joe on the other hand simply says its because we need to get pretty - hmmm which sounds better? I'm going with GST - don't question the GST.


IKEA is coming!

Last night I found out from the pianoforte blog that IKEA is coming to the Twin Cities Mall of America, and I've been bouncing off the walls ever since. I am so frickin' excited its beyond explanation, and most people I've talked don't even know what it is. Catman was like, "Oh, that yuppie shit they had in Fight Club?" I kindly pointed out his discretion and moved on talking about how excited I was for the big day, even if its not until next summer.


Just say no to extroverts

Cat-man and I have been seeing a lot of each other lately. Even-though I've only known him a week and a half, I feel very good about him and I can say its more than normal feelings when you first meet someone. He happens to be the first introvert I've ever dated, and I'm really seeing the benefits. Last night was a good example, my energy level was practically non-existent - I couldn't get excited about anything we talked about. Not that conversation wasn't at least a little stimulating, I just hadn't had recharge time all day but that didn't mean anything was wrong with me. In a previous relationship, a situation like this would have resulted in an interrogation of a hundred variations of "What's wrong?" It was FU%%ING impossible to explain to that guy everything was fine, he just couldn't comprehend the concept. With Cat-man he asked me once if everything was alright, that it wasn't about him. When I said no and explained I hadn't had some recharge time and was simply kaputt, he understood completely and was quite accommodating. I don't know if I can explain how great that felt, to be understood so easily without a conversation verging on an argument.

So if I ever get back on 'the market' it might come with a moratorium against extroverts. I'm sorry but you guys just don't have a clue and never will.


A little of everything

What seemed planned to be a busy weekend turned into kind of a humdrum, but I wasn’t sitting on my ass for the entirety. Friday night I went out with who I’ll refer to as Cat-man, at least until I come up with something more endearing, and didn’t come home until the next afternoon. Nothing happened that I wouldn’t be proud to tell mom, then again I had no problems telling her I’m applying to become a sperm donor. She was like, “Well you get paid pretty well for that, right?” Totally, but the challenge is getting accepted after a lengthy application and screening process. I figure even if I don’t get accepted it might prove to be an interesting life experience. On the other hand, lets be honest, this is the only way my boys are ever going to swim home if you know what I mean and I know you do.

The website should be getting a new addition in the upcoming few weeks – lets just say its called “Its All About M.E., the Melissa and Erik Show” and I get to start playing with iMovie. I’m so excited and you will be too when you start seeing the first shows popping up. We haven’t started filming yet, but we have some wicked ideas, and our chemistry is second to none. So watch out for that, and if you’re in the area perhaps you could get a cameo – let me know I’m not even kidding. I’m such a hit-whore – but I won’t stoop to the low of getting on some list and trying to get votes. I don’t want worthless hits and I don’t want people visiting the website and not getting at least one laugh out of the deal. Its all about content folks, my website isn’t blowing the critics over in terms of technical achievement so all I have is my content.

I’ve read some blog-type sites, and one in particular has a very jaded owner at the helm. He hates making new layouts, and pretty much does nothing but bitch how much he hates doing the whole thing and doesn’t know why he continues. So it got me to thinking why I bother working on a website, especially when I’m such an amateur when it comes to the whole thing – I can’t even get rollovers to work right. Maybe you have even thought about why I do it, or why would you even want to do one – I mean what is the point of putting yourself out on the web. Does anybody really care? Am I just wasting my time? Well I’ll tell you why I do it. Not to get approval from anyone in particular, but because it’s a gratifying means of expressing myself. If I could paint or write poetry better I would be doing that, but I can’t. Besides I love playing on my computer and well the math just adds up with the result being a webpage. I suppose I enjoy the challenge of putting the pieces together and seeing what works and what doesn’t work getting people into the site.

I’m starting to work on some other ideas to expand the scope of the website and maybe even make a little money in the process. I’m not sure if I’ll do that donation link stuff, but then again it costs money to operate this site and I’m not exactly rolling in the dough right now either. I guess I’ll just try a variety of things and see what works and what doesn’t. In the meantime send me your thoughts about this website, blogging in general or just your opinions on the meaning of life. I would love to hear from you – note this is another reason for the website because I never call people to talk so this works as a substitute.



We've all been there one time or another, you're not dating anyone and no one seems likely to enter the picture anytime soon. Then your friends and relatives start to tell you this wonderful line, "You know things happen when you least expect it." 'F' those people and their damn saying because its a loaded line of BS.

Up until a few days ago, that was my position on the matter completely and it wasn't about to change. Now I can be patient when it comes to dating but even I was at the end of my tether. I bet you can guess what happened, the next part of my story. Thats right, I met someone and though I can't say anything earth moving will happen but it certainly restores my faith. It all happened very quickly, but a man fulfilling all of the descriptions of someone I was looking for just happened to come along. Its been great and I hope something more comes out of it.

So hang in there, you never know! (lol - I had to say it)


Bitch got a job

Well what do you know, Erik finally got a job and is finally among the working class. And you though I was just a lazy turd - like that isn't true. It was a close morning since we had a light snow storm making traffic slow as hell. I almost slid into the back end of a truck, but fortunately my brakes came back from vacation in time. I made it to work on time though and everything went smoothly.

I don't know about the whole cubicle environment, but at least the people are nice and seem approachable. Business casual isn't what I was expecting, I almost hate to see what Friday's are like or if its just the additions of jeans. The dress code is very relaxed. So maybe I'm a little overdressed, but damn't thats alright - dress for success right?


No more

I've tried and tried, but I can't do it anymore - I just can't watch the news anymore. I'm usually a pretty informed kind of guy, I like to know what is happening in the world and how it affects me. After the elections I was hitting up political websites everyday reading as much as I could - the TV was almost always on CNN. But he broke me, Bush and Ari Fleischer broke my commitment to staying informed and involved - I couldn't handle one shocking development after another from this administration. I know our government is bad, really bad but I can't handle learning anything new. Maybe now is a good time to move to Germany, or at least Canada.


Why do I like TV so much?


I have these streaks of watching way too much TV, and then it goes way down and I'm really proud of myself when I lay off the electrodes. Lately things have been going well, I try to make Stargate SG-1 and Survivor but that is about it. Well guess what folks, the new seasons are starting of the following: Oz, Six Feet Under, and Queer as Folk. All of which show on Sunday night, so guess what I'll be doing on Sundays. Not going to church in the evening, thats for sure.

Ok, so I'm crap

I was totally going to start adding entries on a regular basis and then what happens, I go AWOL for two weeks. Sorry to anyone who might turn in for new installments - I found a fundamental flaw in the iBlog software I use to make this page happen. The first week I was home and than this last week I was in Hawaii - internet access the entire time, but my software was sitting in Minneapolis the entire time and I wasn't about to use a pen. Maybe I should switch to something like blogger.com - I might look into that sometime.

But yeah, Hawai'i was great - like it wouldn't be - and I won't bore you with the great details. You can just look at the pictures and ask questions if you like.


Dean for America

Ok, Ok. So I didn't make the meeting last night, my friend ditched me at the last minute for what I suppose is a good reason. Obviously I couldn't go by myself because that would have been too much stress. Hopefully though there will be another meetup meeting next month and this time Joe won't be ditching me. In the meantime I've been doing some more research about the guy and liking what I'm seeing. I don't think the pic below linked right to his site so here it is again: www.deanforamerica.com


Dean for America

Tonight I'm almost positive I'm attending a Meetup.com meeting to discuss Howard Dean for the DFL Presidential ticket. I don't know all the much about it yet, but I know he was a popular governor of Vermont and seems to have a lot of views that coincide with mine. So hopefully I can learn some more tonight, and maybe even get more involved with the campaign.

Gays and their techno/dance music

My roommate asked me a question the other day, "Why do gay clubs/bars seem like all they play is dance/techno music?" The people she was with couldn't answer the question, but I think I might take a stab at it. Now although my answer runs on the assumption of basic gay stereotypes, I still think it has some validity. Likewise, I realize not all people are the same - I'm sure somewhere in this world there is some guy wishing he could party it up at a gay country music bar. But enough day dreaming - on to my answer. For Melissa, I said its probably because this type of music has an easily discernible beat. Making it easy to dance without concentrating; all the better to flirt with the cute guy across the room or on the other side of your jeans.

By the way, I'm listening to some dance music and feeling like making a trip to just such a bar/club. Anyone feeling frisky?!?


Hawaii in two weeks

So I'm going on a family vacation in two weeks to Hawaii, and though I'm excited I'm also dreading spending an entire week with my family. Don't get me wrong, I love them to death but vacations are not always fun especially in this case. Let me elaborate, first of all I really, really, really hate being a 'tourist' - if I'm somewhere on vacation I want to blend in as much as possible. During my high school class trip to Germany I kind of happened to get separated from the heard of backpack carrying students - then and only then did I manage to walk in a store and have the clerk actually start to talk German. Otherwise it was like shooting fish in a barrel for the Germans to pick us out of the crowd.

Since this is the family's first time to Hawaii, everyone wants to do the typical tourist spots. Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing the volcanos, national parks, Pearl Harbor, etc but fuck thats all we'll be doing. Walking around with backpacks and cameras in hand getting it all. My camera is about as small as they come for a decent digital camera - and that is for a very specific reason: so it can stay in my pocket unnoticed for as much as possible. I have this aversion to people seeing me take pictures - again it makes me look like a tourist. I would much rather rent a scooter and find the real Hawaii that is typical for everyday citizens, and maybe learn more about the islands before the American invasion.

Have I talked about my family yet? I already know Mom will be hyperventilating just about every time something goes even remotely awry. We will 'have' to be at the airport two hours before the plane leaves, even though it won't leave until we get there since its a private plane. Dad will do nothing but have a grumpy face every time a meal is served. He comes from the theory about food; if its more than basic meat and potatoes it isn't worth eating. I hope we have 'weird' shit every day just so he has no choice, but I'm sure he'll escape to a McDonalds anyway. Any my brother, well he'll probably be alright and just stick with me most of the time - I haven't decided if thats a good thing or not.

Being out won't be an option. Its my philosophy only to be out to people that truly matter in my life and that it completely true, but that doesn't include extended family who will also be with us. I don't mind hearing, "Got a girlfriend?" at a family gathering - they only last the afternoon or evening. But this is a whole week and I'm kind of pissed about it because I don't feel comfortable coming out to some of these people - my great grandma especially. So guess what, I'm going to be straight in two weeks - and I'm so screwed. I've lost 'Who can act straight to longest' to a former drag queen.

This is how it goes

Alright listen up folks. The mean things you do to people will eventually happen to you so watch the hell out. I had this nasty habit of not calling dates back if I was no longer interested. Sometimes he got the hint, and sometimes I received some very nasty voice-mails. Now don't get the idea I do this all the time - I don't date all that much and no its not because news gets around. So it happened to me a few weeks ago, I met someone who I became very fond. Things from my perspective seemed to be going well, but apparently this was not the case because I haven't heard a thing from him in two weeks. So yeah, don't do the things you know to be mean, because it burns when you're swallowing your own medicine.


MacWorld - What a Rush!

Whoever said it was going to be a boring MacWorld sure didn't know what they were talking about.

So if you didn't catch the webcast or satellite feed at and Apple Store, let me fill you in a bit. This was probably the most exciting Keynote I've seen since 1998 - beating out even the release of the iMac or iPod. Steve spent an hour and a half on software alone - stuff you can get without taking out a new loan for a new computer. The iApps are all new, and Keynote makes me want to go back to college and take some speach classes.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the new commercials for the PowerBooks, I suggest you check them out!!