Northstar Rail: Finally starting to move

The StarTribune posts a progress report on the Northstar Commuter rail. For the first time, the House passed a measure to support funding for the initiative, and by a wide margin. Seems the Republican's don't want to be accussed of not getting anything done again this sessions, and since this project is fairly high-profile makes sense they'd change their tune. Besides, this is probably one of the cheapest transportation projects around so why not do it?!

Glad to see its finally moving forward. Though I'll probably never use it since I'm not rooted in that part of the state, but any step forward is a step forward and could usher in more projects of this kind. Wouldn't mind being able to take a train to Rochester and visit the family, etc.


Canada 'shuns US missile system'


Might as well, the thing doesn't work anyway. Every other month or so we hear that another test failed. Either the missle missed its mark, failed to detonate or just wouldn't even launch out of the silo like it did last week. Canada is smart not wasting their money on this - universal child care will do more for them than missles stuck in their silos.


Soon I'll be joining the ranks of many a gay by adding to my collection of spectacles. Its finally happened, in just a few short days I'll go from owning and wearing just one set of glasses to picking a one out of a collection of three. This development wasn't all intentional, just a really good deal came along that I couldn't pass up and since I seriously needed a new prescription I figured why the hell not. Hopefully I'll be sporting them by Saturday.

Pope: Gay marriage is 'evil'


Well, if the Pope says so.... But then again, he's using that simplistic, scary language like Bush does to manage the herd.

(I really wonder if the Pope actually wrote this book, or if it was a bunch of Cardinals.)


Desperate Housewives


I have to admit I'm totally wrapped up with the show, and now its solidified as a new story line has emerged that I can certainly relate to and damn is it good. Never is my life did I think I'd actually tune into ABC for two hours - the first spend watching "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition." Got to give them kudos for finally putting something together thats worth watching - though I'm not catching the episodes of "Family Guy" but then again that show doesn't have a "Big 'Mo."


What the hell?!

I can't quite decide if this is doctored or not. Stranger things have been caught on film, but then again I don't really care in this case.

A reason for blogging

I think I saw a stat that said only like 30 percent of the population even knows what a blog is, and I think its safe to say plenty of that percentage don't really get it at all. But people start blogs all the time, seeking something, perhaps fame and recognition, or maybe they're just really good writers and want to share, etc. Who knows. For me, its a little recognition (why not), the fantasy of it becoming something bigger or better than myself. But most certainly as a way to get my thoughts down on 'paper' and journal my thoughts and events.

More that writing a blog, I'm fascninated with reading them, again probably a little bit just to live vicariously through other people - I'm kind of boring. I have loved reading news for quite a while - I've had subscriptions since my junior year in high school. I frequent many of the blogs listed in my blogroll and now I have an RSS reader on the home iMac. Yesterday I was half a day behind and had 71 entries to read - granted I've heard some people read hundreds of blogs a day but I think thats excessive.

Yesterday however, I read this and it totally became clear to me why I like reading blogs. Some people like to believe in a higher power and all that supernatural jazz, but I like to believe in humanity. I find it so much more powerful, and, well tangible. One person's trial and tribulations and following success can make so much more of an impact than any number of hours in a church, etc. I suppose its really pretty much the same thing, I substitue one story for another but a fine line exists nonetheless and one I prefer. Thanks Dan for sharing.


Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb; its conditions are improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are a delusional spin from the liberal media. That light bulb has served honorably, and anything you say undermines the lighting effect. Why do you hate freedom?

(I didn't write this, just thought it was hilarious enough to share. I don't know who did, but does anyone really know?!)

Patina finally has a website!

Unique Gifts by Patina Stores : The place to buy Unique Gifts

I've been loving this store ever since I moved to the St. Paul for school - and now they have a website! My day is looking up! This is the best place to look for gifts and presents for just about any occasion.


Virginia bans low-rider pants

Virginia bans low-rider pants
February 9, 2005 1SHORT0209

RICHMOND, VA. -- Virginians who wear their pants so low their underwear shows may want to think about investing in a stronger belt.

The state House of Delegates passed a bill 60-34 Tuesday authorizing a $50 fine for anyone who displays his or her underpants in a "lewd or indecent manner."

Lionell Spruill Sr., a Democrat who opposed the bill, had pleaded with his colleagues to remember their own youthful fashion follies. He said the measure was an unconstitutional attack on young blacks that would force parents to take off work to accompany their children to court for making a fashion statement.

The bill's sponsor, Algie T. Howell, has said constituents were offended by the exposed underwear. Howell, also a Democrat, and Spruill are both black.

Its amazing backward thinking like this still happens in modern day America. I just don't know what to say about it, but who wants to take a trip to Virginia and wear some low-riding pants?!

Hewlett-Packard Ousts CEO Carly Fiorina

Yahoo! News

I'm kind of upset about this, I thought she seemed like a great leader and was leading HP in a positive direction. And I'm not just saying that because HP sells Apple iPods, I generally thought HP was managing to forge and maintain its place in the market.


Martha Stewart Seeking an Apprentice on NBC


I can't think of a better format of a reality tv show to bring Martha back - I'm quite excited to see this show air. Yeah, she might be a bitch, but that is what makes her so endearing.


A9.com Search

A9.com Search: california pizza kitchen

Granted, most people have never heard of A9.com, but they've just come out with a pretty cool new yellow pages featuring actuall photos. I'm going to Chicago in March and wanted to know where, for example, California Pizza Kitchen, was located. They not only show you a pizza of the place you're searching, but will show you the whole block and further if you like.

This is just the start, but the current list of cities and their surrounding areas include:

* Atlanta
* Boston
* Dallas
* Chicago
* New York City (Manhattan)
* Denver
* Los Angeles
* Seattle
* Portland, Oregon
* San Francisco and the Bay Area

History Lesson

SebiMeyer.com - Blog Archive

SebiMeyer posts this interesting quote from 1967 which I think is a good read to temper our enthusiasm for the Iraqi elections. The last thing we would want to happen would be to get overy excited and lax in our judgements for the situation in Iraq. An election is not a magic bullet, but hopefully it can go along way to helping transition the country.