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I'm loving my new laptop bag

Well, its more of a sleeve with a couple of pockets and a shoulder strap.

Like many with corporate jobs and laptops to lug around, I was given a giant leather monstrosity of a bag branded with the corporate logo. But I suffer this affliction no more! I picked up Incase's Nylon Sleeve Plus for Christmas and its been wonderful ever since. Silly how my svelte little sleeve makes me smile a bit inside - especially compared to what my co-workers are lugging around.



Having been the 'fat kid' growing up and being teased through much of elementary and high school, I must admit it gives me a degree of satisfaction to see former tormentors tipping the scales. Shallow and maybe a little mean, but damn it feels good.

Kodak Zx1

I still have a soft spot for the MinoHD, but this new camera from Kodak is looking really nice. And its water resistant!!


The Porsche Panamera

Now thats a Porsche I could like....