Yeah! The new .mac webmail is here!

I had a feeling it would happen soon - I just needed to complain a little;) Its looking really good too - it even loads and displays image attachments just like Mail.app. I love that!

TUAW has a good review of the new service.

In the new .Mac webmail, you'll find:
• Drag-and-drop functionality
• A message pane
• Quick Reply
• Address Book integration
• Message previews
• Message flagging
• Keyboard shortcuts


My Dream App

Well it looks like the contest is over - and what a photo finish it was with the first runner up missing by just five votes. Ofcourse that application was my absolute favorite, Hijack is an application for online forums without the disgraceful interface of said forums. I could really use something like that for school - the constant reloading is getting on my nerves.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the release of these applications. Cookbook sounds pretty cool and Atmosphere will probably be fun to play with. Hopefully there will be a second season and maybe some of those other ideas that didn't make it into the top three find their way into a developer's hands.


Tick tock, tick tock Apple. Where the hell is the new .mac webmail interfaced we we're presented with? I re-upped partially because of the preview - ofcourse that was your plan all along wasn't it?! Damn you.



I've been seeing a few ads for Hellbent lately, and I think BPM on XM Radio has been playing a mix from the movie. Anyway, just wanted to note this is definitely a good movie - if you like the 'cheesy' horror movie genre. Its basically like any mainstream horror flick except the characters are all gay. Which works in my book.


This looks pretty darn cool - something fun and useful to do with all those songs you've got and haven't listened to in a while. Or, when you're in a mood and only certain songs will do.

It searches through your songs and combines those with similar beats to create a new playlist.


Road Trip

I love road trips, they go by so fast!

Up, up and away

Looks like Apple had a very good quarter, this morning IDC puts Apple's US marketshare at 5.8% and Gartner puts it at 6.1%. Not too shabby. I recall reading somewhere that each one percent gain was akin to $1 billion in revenue - something like that anyway.


Oh Red States, you're the greatest!

(reposted from Josh & Josh because its just too good not to share)

The Red States Say the Blue States are the Root of All Evil, But the Facts Seem To Say Something Else

From "Red State Babylon", Vanity Fair, November 2006, p.162-168:

If the blue states are sinkholes of moral decay, as right-wing pundits insist, how come red states lead the nation in violent crime, divorce, illegitimacy, and incarceration, among other evils?

*Nine out of the top ten states with the highest incarceration rates are red states, with Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas leading the pack. Delaware is the only blue state in the top ten.

*All of the top ten states with the highest incarceration of women are red states, with Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Louisiana leading the pack.

*The ten states with the highest number of executed prisoners are red states. Texas, Ohio, and Oklahoma are the top three states.

*The top fifteen states for highest rate of death by firearms are all red states. Alaska, Louisiana, and New Mexico lead the group.

*Fourteen of the fifteen states with the highest rate of suicide are red states, with Wyoming, Alaska, and Nevada at the top of the list. The only blue state to appear is Oregon.

*The ten states with the highest divorce rates in the United States are all red states. Nevada, Arkansas, and Wyoming have the highest rates of divorce.

*Nine out of the ten states with the highest rates of illegitimacy are red states. The only blue state in the top ten is Delaware.

*Fourteen of the fifteen states with the highest percentage of obese residents are red states, with Mississippi, Alabama, and West Virginia coming in as the most obese states. Michigan is the only blue state in the group.

*Meanwhile, eight of the ten smartest states (based on state education rankings) are blue states. Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are the smartest states. Minnesota ranks sixth. Virginia and Montana are the only red states to appear on the list.


Uh oh! Air America files for Chapter 11. Its still going to be on the air, so thats good. Hopefully they can finally get thier financial house in order - its a decent network but I'm still pissed they didn't keep Marc Maron on the air.

Well, looks like the rumors are all finally true, Apple announced their PRODUCT(RED) iPod nano this morning. Oprah's show today is going to show her and Bono walking Magnificent Mile in Chicago to check out all the new red products from Apple and others. I had checked out the joinred.com website earlier when it was still just in the UK and saw the Red American Express card - now that would be cool.

Now, I love Apple as much as the next fanatic, but $10 per red iPod seems a little paltry. It might add up really fast into a nice chunk of change, but at the moment I'm skeptical. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.


Project Runway

Holy Cow! First of all, I don't think I've mentioned the show on here before, but I've totally been watching for the three seasons. This third one is certainly the best one yet, and it looks to keep getting better and better.

For those that have seen the last episode - What is going to happen with Jeffrey?! I'm not a fan, but I don't want him to leave either. The cutting in the preview really leads one's thinking towards his dismissal, but you just know they won't be spilling the beans like that. AHHH - one week to go!


All the sci-fi nerds in the house just relax now. The third season of BSG is now finally available in iTunes.

Speaking of BSG, that premiere was bitching. But that Captain Adamo has gotten a little 'soft' :(

Google 'Office'

Alright, its actually called Google Docs & Spreadsheets, but Google Office sounds better to me. Read/WriteWeb reports this morning on the merger of Writely and Google Spreadsheets (RIP Writely). I read through the comments and most people seem distressed at the disappearance of the 'lively' Writely interface in favor of the drab and cold Google one. The Writely interface was nice, but the merger of these two applications and the development of new ones is certainly going to outway the changes. Perhaps the most intriguing tidbit is the mention of Google dabbling with the possibility of desktop versions of their applications for when someone wants to work on a document offline. I'm just hoping a Mac version would make it into that dabbling.

Update: looks like the new Google Office has received a few integration points with Blogger as well.


YACA: Yet Another Calendar App

downloadsquad makes a good point about all the new calendar apps that keep popping up all over the net - Google Calendar works just fine. Now, choice is a good thing, but where is the business model for some of these calendar sites. Web 2.0 is all about do one thing, do it really REALLY well, build commuhttp://beta.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifnity around that one thing and then monetize it. I'm cool with that, but find a new niche people - there must be a point of declining returns in this segment.

Each new online tends to have a 'cool' feature that sets it apart from the others, but I've been finding the Google family of products to be rather appealing. Especially as they all start to work with each other - having everything in one house is getting rather convenient.


Well look at that

Looks like Google might be getting a little more serious about its Mac support, which at times has been lacking. http://beta.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

N Korea joins nuclear club

Awesome! I love the world we live in, seriously. Our leaders are doing such a great job.


The Green Office

Going green and being green are not only becoming chic, but getting closer and closer to being a necessity. I just read this morning of a study which suggested students tested better and workers were more productive in 'green' buildings. I'm quite looking forward to maybe getting a personal glimpse into this when the company I'm at moves into a 'green' office later this year. Just having a green building is only a part of the total footprint the office or school has on the environment. All of the furniture, materials, cleaning supplies etc also have a major impact. Finding these materials isn't also very easy down at the local office supply store, beyond maybe some recylced paper. Treehugger has posted about The Green Office, a website dedicated to suppyling an office with virtually all of its needs while providing accurate 'green' information on the products. What sets this site out among the others I've seen is their willingness to include and recognize products that aren't actually green. Some sites will only sell the earth-friendly products, leaving gaping wholes in their prodcut line-up and still creating hassle and extra work for the consumer. The Green Office looks like its covers all the bases - making it a one-stop shop for green office supplies and everything else you will need.


Its time for some learnin'

It has been four years, some good and some bad, since I walked up on stage and received my undergraduate diploma. And as challenging as school can be, with the deadlines and huge papers, I always liked learning. Since graduating I've known I wanted to continue with my education, and so I started graduate school classes this week. I am both nervous and excited about the adventure that lies ahead for me - but I'm boldly confident I will succeed.

I'm doing classes online, though not with the giant online school I shall not name. I wanted flexibility, both in time and geography, and also quality - which I think I've found. Its going to be an exciting two years!!


Its not all its Zune'd up to be??!!