Its new to me

This probably isn't new to anyone, but I just noticed it. Seriously, I know its probably been there for like years, but its new to me. On the side of the Target plastic bag, is a little logo that says 'Reuse" and under it is a list: "10 ways to reuse your Target bag"

1. Tiny Trashcan Liner
2. Doggy Duty
3. Water Ballon (I'll have to try this later - somehow I don't think it'll work well)
4. Roadtrip Rubbish
5. Soggy Laundry
6. Ice pack for head lump
7. Toiletry tote
8. Kitty litter liner (Just what I was doing when I noticed this list)
9. Tomorrow's lunchbag
10. Care package pading


My Dashboard

Ok, so maybe some widgets are pretty worthless. Some just sit there and look pretty without doing anything, but others can provide some good information and improve workflows. Though I wish I had more of the latter. Anyway, here's my dashboard - I use it all the time - even if its a little crowded sometimes. I switch out a few every now and then depending on its usefulness.

First of all, we have to have the weather, and since I'm a visual person I insist on having the weather rada as well - which can be expanded twice that size. Below that is of course the new Blogger widget - I had been using DashBlog or something, but it stopped working. The wikipedia and dictionary widgets come in handy on occasion - great for that quick reference. There there is the widget for taking pictures of different things, the screen, windows, icons, and widgets - makes for ease of use instead of trying to remember those short cuts.

Widget Update shrinks way down to a little cirle - its supposed to tell me if any of the widgets are outdated. It doesn't seem to always work, but its a good idea and has been useful. I love getting new software, doesn't matter how small it is.

Calculator - so much faster than loading the calc app. Then there is that little iTunes Album Art retreiver - just incase I have any songs that don't have the accompanying art. Oh, then of course I need to monitor the currency exchange with Canada. The widget does all sorts of currencies, but I pay the most attention to the Canadian dollar. I mean, sometimes its not always cheaper for me to buy shoes or Starbucks in Canada, and I gots to know that.

The Calendar one is kind of pointless, but it just makes sense to me to leave it there. The to-do-list is a must. I have terrible self-motivation and lists seem to keep me focused a bit. Though of course I need to keep the to-do list updated -- I need a to-do for that!!

And then the stock widget rounds it out - I just like watching a few different stocks. I guess its interesting - satiates my left brain.


Samsung t809

I am finally rid of that huge Sidekick.  Alright, I liked it when I had a data plan, but I couldn't justify the expense, especially when I didn't have reception in my workplace.  So I've upgraded to this new beauty and got a new mobile number to boot.  I was thinking PEBL - because its damn cute, but the flip mechanism wasn't as smooth as the commercial made it out to seem and the 'keep credit cards awat' was a bummer.  This beast comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera!!  Beat that PEBL!

I never thought I'd like a slider, never liked the concept, but this phone has a real nice feel to it and its just a tad bigger than the RAZR.  Now, if only it would sync with my iMac.


Google Macintosh Dashboard Widgets

Sweet! Some widgets straight from the Googleplex. They look nifty - but I'm on a PC at work right now so I can't quite tell just yet.