They come in colors now to

As if the iPod shuffle wasn't cute enough, they come in pretty colors now too. Damn't! I just got a shiny new black, 30 gig iPod and I LOVE it! But the shuffle is just too cute for words.


MINI Clubman

Oh boy oh boy! Its getting closer and closer - but not until after November 2008?!?! That sucks, but how long will we need to wait for a diesel Mini to hit our shores?



What a great day to get the flu, but apparently there is a rather nasty norovirus running around the county causing quite a ruckus.


Holy Crap! Tomorrow is the "BIG" day - well, potentially the big day but one can't say for sure until it actually is or isn't but here's to hoping - when at 11am Central Time Steve Jobs walks onto stage about begins his ~2 hour presentation to unleash untold goodness. I have a good feeling about this one - but I'm trying my best not to get my hopes up too high. But Daddy needs a new cellphone - I'm just sayin'.


Spiders on Drugs

This is the kind of widget the Dashboard was made for - quick reference!


Vidcast time

Daddy got Daddy a new iPod for Christmas - one of those shiny ones that does video. So that means its finally vid-cast time - not that I couldn't have before but where was the fun in that? My first vidcast subscription, and potentially my favorite has to be: the show with zefrank.

Check it out - seriously intellectual, funny, informative and wacky.


Cinnamon Dolce Latte is back!

A tall no-fat, sugar-free CDL clocks in at 90 calories.


Apple's teaser?!

Check it out on the mother page. What does it mean?


The New Year

Its all over baby! And so is the week+ of vacation which has been just what the doctor ordered - going back to work tomorrow is going to require pain meds or something. We went over to Ontario for the holiday to spend some time with Bill's family and we took the Wii along for a little extra fun. Little did we know how much fun - our Wii hadn't seen as much continuous play since we got it on that chilly November morning not so long ago. His mom turned out to be a huge fan of Wii Sports Bowling - and the quest for the Pro status and the new shiny ball was on everyone's agenda. When we weren't playing, we were looking for a Wii console for the family (or an extra nunchuck for ourselves). We got real close to finding a system, twice, but neither time was successful. Nor did we find any nunchucks, but we did score two classic controllers.

Alas its time for resolutions to start out the new year with high ambitions only to see most of them fail miserably. Ok, so I'm not a fan of the resolutions bit that people do every year at this time, but I have a few goals to keep in mind this year. First of all, getting through grad school this year with high marks - so far so good, but the tough classes are coming up soon. We have finally signed back up at a gym after a hiatus longer than I care to admit. Not the best timing to go back with all the resolution gym visits that will be taking place, but we're going back anyway and that is important. And the oddball goal - oddball for me perhaps - is to atleast try kayaking. I don't have any particular reason, but it looks fun and should do something outside.