Blackberry's new icons

Ok, I'm obviously not going to give up my iPhone for a Blackberry - but you have to admit the icons for the new OS and phones is pretty slick. Kind of wish I could have that look and style on my iPhone.


I feel like an idiot

A week or so ago I picked up some Asian Pears from Costco - amid Will's protests they were too expensive. I haven't had asian pears in years, but remember them being juicy and delicious. So I get them home and quickly bite into one... Its was bland and tasteless... crap! I couldn't tell Will and be 'wrong' or throw them away. So I took one with me everyday for my afternoon snack at work. They were neither pleasant or wholly unpleasant. But a funny thing started to happen as I reached the end of the bunch... they became rather flavourful. OMG - they weren't ripe!!