Safari and Google Gears - Coming Soon!

Sweet! I knew I read that Google Gears worked with Safari - but when I went to download it there was no such luck. Turns out it only works with the latest version of WebKit - so I take it Safari 3 is going to be rockin the Gears.

Now if only Google Documents worked with Safari - here's hoping Leopard and Safari 3 get things straightened all out.

Switching to 2%

I never really understood why Starbucks used whole milk as the standard with their espresso drinks. Apparently enough people have been requesting lower-fat milk, that Starbucks is going to switch to 2% as their default. The article mentions doing so eliminates 70 calories from a grande latte.

I went through thier nutritional information page a few months ago and realized just how many calories are in some of their drinks. I've been going low-fat, sugar-free and no whip ever since - now I don't feel so guilty when I have a little treat.



A time "blackhole"

I've been spending way too much time at this - perhaps I should take a few summer courses...