O' Canada!

I was off to Canada for the Thanksgiving weekend visiting friends and family, and every time I go there I seem to learn something new that makes the county even better. I've always said life is in the details, and boy does Canada have the details down. For example, and perhaps this is just me but I was nonetheless amazed, one can perform routine government services such as purchase new vehicle tags at one amounts to an ATM-like machine at their local mall. It included all sorts of service like changing your address or getting a new health card printed. I don't know, this thing seemed to make so much sense, I wonder why we don't have something like it here. It would beat heading to the DMV hands down.

Canadian off and on ramps are also better laid out. Here in Minnesota cars are getting off and on the highway at the same time in the same location, often making for heroing weaving just to make it. Traffic inevitably slows down, especially during rush hour, and we're all left waiting to get home because some engineer decided to cut corners. (Which from his perspective is probably a good thing since it will mean even more projects to fix the first one.)

OH! And why does Canada have all the really cool phones. One can barely find any Sony Ericsson phones around here, but they have like all of the versions available. Damn them and their European roots!

Would be quite interesting if they adopt the Euro?!

Free 'Make Love Not Spam' screensaver targets spam websites

Free 'Make Love Not Spam' screensaver targets spam websites

Seems like quite the ingenious idea, especially if it helps fight spam, if even just a little bit. And the screensaver is available for Max OS X, 9, and Windows. Have at it!


**Update: something seems to wrong with the website; it has some cryptic message. I wonder if it was hacked?!


Funny Forward

An elderly couple had been dating for some time and decided it was finally time to marry. Before the wedding they embarked on a long conversation regarding how their marriage might work. They discussed finances, living arrangements and so on. Finally the old man decided it was time to broach the subject of their sexual relationship.

"How do you feel about sex?" he asked, rather hopefully.

"Oh, I like to have it infrequently," she responded.

The old guy thought for a moment, then asked, "Was that one word or two?

capitalism sucks ass

capitalism sucks ass

I look past the socialist comment, the term has a bad rap and confuses people's attention, Michael makes a great point. Home Dept sucks ass! Can that store be any more overcrowded, poorly designed and any more impossible to find anything you might be looking for?

The self-checkout option is nice, which I wish more stores in Minnesota would invest in and pass on the savings, but the store is just dangerous. They have pipe cutting tools and various other limb-deformers just lying about the store waiting for an unsuspecting child. Furthermore - I'm just not convinced its cheaper than cleaner alternatives.


Thank you Cingular!

Got a nice new Motorola v551 and Rollover minutes now that AT&T Wireless has been consumed by Cingular. A bunch of people have told me they suck for one reason or another, but AT&T's customer service sucked donkey balls as well so its not a change for me. What is pretty sweet though is the service coverage in Minnesota is huge now, and the quality in signal strength is outstanding. I don't know how they did it, but its awesome. And their mobile internet is much faster, but I think mMode was better designed for use on a phone.

Motorola's are pretty sweet phones - haven't had one for a few years but its nice to be back. However, if that s700 makes it to Cingular before Dec 15th you can bet your booty I'll be making the exchange. Yowser! Posted by Hello


Petition Spot - Howard Dean for Chairman of the DNC

Sign the Petition

I kind of think Dean would be really good for the post. A great fund-raiser and motivator he might be just the ticket.


Since I have been highlighting things that tend to irritate me I figured I might as well go through all of them and get it out there. Don't want to pent up any of this rage and go postal or anything. (Is the term 'postal' getting out of date? What would be the alternative?)

I haven't quite figured out why it irritates me so much, but I frickin' hate phonebooks. Its such a collasal waste of paper and shelf space that I have ever seen and people cannot seem to live without them. I don't get it. Never have I gone to a phone book for anything other than a paper-weight. Nothing ruins my day like coming home and seeing one at my front door. Its like PC users with their floppy disks - they just cannot let them go.

And why do I bring this up today? Guess what was on the front desk in the office, but a stack of three yellow pages. I am praying no one offers me a copy!


TV stations canceling 'Ryan' telecast

TV stations canceling 'Ryan' telecast

Why must our reality be so sanitized? That even a movie paying tribute to the memory and sacrifice of our veterans who fought in a noble war would be put into question because the script is laden with "fuck." Perhaps the government is afraid if America's youth is exposed to the harsh reality of war they wouldn't be signing up to fight. Like the debate concerning evolution, this is another one of my hot-ticket items that irritates me.


Wisconsin school district is focus of evolution debate

Wisconsin school district is focus of evolution debate

This 'evolution' debate pisses me off to high hell. People think the debate has to be like the American political system: two sided. I have been wondering for quite some time that no one seems to understand four sides to the argument actually exist: evolution, creation, both, and neither. The question that begs to be asked, is why does this debate keep coming up a couple times a year? A line in the article kind of hit me with the answer: Schools are only allowed to teach evolution, which is admittedly just a theory, and Churches teach creationism exclusively. Unfortunately no where does there exist an opportunity to discuss each objectively to better understand the situation. Science teachers feel unable to discuss the possible interconnect of creation and evolution and Church leaders aren't about to suggest that creation is part of something bigger because that might seed doubt in general.

I took a class in college that taught the four positions and helped me find my religion by eliminating the doubt I had since creation and evolution seemed to be at odds. I now adamantly believe in both, but not to the strictest sense that either side might hold.


FCC Exempts Web Phones from State Rule

FCC Exempts Web Phones from State Rule

Sweet deal! My Vonage rates won't be going up! Though I do think these types of services should certainly offer 911 service one way or the other, I don't think all those damn fees are absolutely necessary, especially when innovators go through all this work to push the envelope of technology and service.


A message from Howard Dean

Democracy For America

Dean, my favorite among the initial Democratic candidates for President, had a few good points to share. Its hard to believe Montana actually voted a Democrat for Governor - I wonder what the story is behind that.

I read somewhere that in proportion, W was voted against by the highest number of voters since 1916. In other words, America hasn't 'hated' their President in such high numbers in almost 90 years.

I might just have to start my own 'bat' to get the ball rolling again.

Loving this.... Posted by Hello


Average IQ: Red States vs. Blue States

Average IQ

Not sure what to make of it, but its certainly an interesting coincidence. Don't you think?

Tuesday wasn't a complete loss. My good friend from home unseated an incumbent Republican for a seat in the Minnesota House. Congrats! Posted by Hello

Chemical Warfare

I've begun the use of chemical weapons against kitty. Don't freak out, its just a spray for electrical cords and plants that leaves a film of a bitter substance. Lets just say kitty won't like the smell of lemons ever again. The other morning I woke up to find a lap was no longer working becuase someone ate right through the cord. And the new phone? Yeah, its power cord has been attacked as well, but the power is still flowing. (Probably why he didn't finish the job.)


F#%k Healing

Kerry suggested in his concession speach that he wants healing for the nation. F#CK that sh!t! Republicans have declared war on progressive, responsible thinking. Its time we declared war on ignorance, arrogance and hatred. First, I want the heads of the so-called leaders at the DNC - its time they saw the curb.

I think I'm still in the anger stage, but what the hell, I'm impassioned!

Economy, Education, Equality

Just three words which amount to the two cents I want to add to the political discourse of the day. The Republicans have three pillars they stand on, I think its way past time for the Democrats to have some basic principles.

Oh, and where is the National Holiday for Election Day?! Hello!


A9 Toolbar for Firefox too

A9.com > A9 Toolbar

I think this is the first time a company has personally issued a toolbar for Firefox; I've only seen it done through third parties.

Looks pretty cool. Anyone sign up and use A9.com yet? Some of the features sounds pretty good, but I personally haven't taken the leap just yet. Though I'm sure to use it for the available discount at Amazon.com.


All Saints Day

I'm not Catholic, but I went to a Catholic university and I recall learning that November 1 was All Saints Day, but I don't really recall what the deal was. I imagine it has something to do with the dead, but thats neither here nor there. I'm just sitting at work right now and not really getting much done - I'm void of all inspiration, creativity or motivation.

I actually attended a Halloween party this weekend, and though it wasn't as raucous as I had been expecting (damn people not showing up) it was the first for me...ever! I've also been working on a New Year's resolution that just happens to be about New Year's Eve - I'm going out. December 31st will mark a year since I found the courage to face up to my social anxiety and do something about it. Last year I spent the night locked in my room, crying from the frustration of such illogical anxiety. Shortly after I met a doctor and started taking Lexapro, but like many others I felt I no longer needed it and then health insurance left me as did my previous place of employment. I found Lexapro to be quite helpful and I never suffered any side-effects of notice, and I think most of my close friends would have positive comments to make about my progress. Lately I have been thinking about starting a treatment of Lexapro again, and maybe adding in some talk-therapy but I'm still on the fence.

I can call people these days without fear, and taking out the trash no longer has to be done at 3 in the morning. I am able to make eye-contact with other drivers and not freak out when it happens. Public restrooms aren't so much a challenge anymore, but maybe thats not such a good thing. ;)