Walmart Leaves Germany

Treehugger: Walmart Leaves Germany: Blame Smiles, Love or Plastic Bags?

Holy crap! There is reason to have hope. The world's largest retailer is packing its bags and leaving the fatherland - partially because they just couldn't compete on price and tradition and partially out of America arrogance. Apparently smiling at strangers is a bit of a no-no - and office romances are totally legal and expected.

Way to go Germany!


The wagons are circling as rumors continue to mount that Windows Vista will be delayed yet again. It went from this holiday season to next spring, and now they might be looking at the second-half of 2007.

On the other note, Apple will be showcasing next month upcoming new features of OS X 10.5 Leopard. How many times will Apple have released significant updates to its operating system in the time it took Microsoft to issue one?


Lance Bass: I'm gay

The gays knew it as soon as he appeared on Kathy Griffin's show. CNN.com - Lance Bass: I'm gay - Jul 26, 2006


Who wouldn't like a little Sven?!

I must admit - if I'm flipping stations and stumble upon Svenomenon giving the news I'm certainly paying attention. Though maybe not to the weather! And I certainly check out his blog on KARE 11 for all the lastest and greatest weather chat and every now and then some good pics find their way to the site - nevermind that he has a pet goat

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What are they thinking?!

GigaOM : » Cablevision Has A Million VoIP Customers

I don't know about CableVision, but I do know Time Warner charges $39.95 per month for their VOIP service.  Apparently TW now has over one million customers signed up for their service, and so does CableVision.  Do people not price compare?  Or do they think since 40 bucks is less than their landline phone bill, then it must be a good deal?  I'm just wondering - Vonage does all the same things, and offers free long distance to several European countries for just $25.  Makes sense to me.

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'Yo, Blair!'

Just imagine the things we'd hear if he had a microphone on him all the time.
: "'You eight hours? Me too. Russia's a big country and you're a big country. Takes him eight hours to fly home. Not Coke, diet Coke. ... Russia's big and so is China. Yo, Blair! What're you doing? Are you leaving,' Bush said."


born different, norman the dog who moos

born different, norman the dog who moos

Check it out - very interesting.

Its going to be a HOT weekend

Coincidentally, did you know? More Minnesotan's die from heat related illnesses than from cold illnesses in our harsh winters. Count that as your surprising factoid of the day.


Way to go Firefox!

Looks like it just passed the 15% marketshare in the US. In Germany, it has 39% marketshare - thats pretty damn cool. I guess Microsoft and IE really aren't invincible afterall.


Here it was Quicktime's fault

Immediately after installing 10.4.7 and QuickTime 7.1.2 I was no longer able to play Rise of Nations. The game would crash just as soon as I'd touch a button. This is really the only game I've played in like a year or two - I'm not much of a gamer I guess. So it was extremely disappointing for it to no longer work. That was until now! Go to the bottom of the post for instructions and links to install an earlier version of Quicktime. Now, Macsoft just needs to patch RoN to work with the more secure version of QT.


Ken Lay is Dead

And we were so close to finally seeing this crook get sentenced after such a long wait.

Kenneth L. Lay, Ex-Chairman of Enron, Dies - New York Times


Ever hear a cat being electrocuted?!  

Unfortunately I have.  Very early Sunday morning Xavier decided he needed to chew on a cord near our bed - he typically does this to get me up in the morning.  Now, kitty has been chewing on cords pretty much the whole time he's been with us and he never seems to get schocked at all by it.  Well that all changed this time, unfortunately for him the cord became stuck in his mouth.

Fortunately he was right next to the bed so we could react quickly, but it took awhile to realize just what was going on.  We couldn't find the light switch and he had bounced around so much the cord had completly wrapped around him.  I'm sure the little table had hit him when it fell.  

He is back to him normal self now, except he's pretty freaked out by the area where it all went down.  He mostly just sits in the doorway and looks towards the corner.  


Free calls to Europe

This is pretty darn sweet, Vonage is offering free calls to Europe to their unlimited plan members. Now, if only I had someone in Europe to call.