I know some people are complaining about Safari 4's tabs being up on top, but I love it! It saves just a bit more space giving me more viewing room on my laptop screen. It took a little to get used to, but this is a great feature of an even better Safari.



I'll admit I didn't think much of Twitter when it first came out. Heck, I didn't really get the whole fascination with it until just a couple months ago when I decided to sign up to check it out. Usually I sign-up right away for anything new and cool on the web, but Twitter just didn't have an appeal for me.

That is until I clued into companies like 37 Signals, Dimdim, MailChimp and others were using it to communicate with their clients about their respective services. It was suddenly as if their customer service departments were personally messaging me to tell me about service outages or new features I had to go check out right away.

I even follow Minnesota Public Radio's tweets to stay fresh with what is happening back home, or let me know their Budget Hero application has been updated. (I will balance the federal budget!!)

I'm not tweeting all that much - don't want to be one of those people that write about what they eat and when they go to the gym. When I do, I try to keep it professional - dabbling in a little personal branding because you never know what is going to happen.