Hehe - I got into the Yahoo Mail beta this morning and all I had to do was log on from a Canadian IP address. It looks pretty cool, but it seemed a little slow but who knows why that was. I just hope I still have access once I get back to Minneapolis.


Its growing season

This years vegetable garden is in - and this year we got mint so we can make our own mojitos with fresh mint.  The water fountain is out again, the tropical plants got to be outside for a day, but they're inside for the nights until it starts to warm up consistently.  

Unfortunately, growing season also means mowing the lawn - which will be in need of being done very soon.  But I'm going to put that off until after our trip this weekend.


What is macZOT!

Minneapolis Farmer's Market

Its open!!  I just drove by on my way home from Starbucks.  I didn't see a whole lot of produce just yet, but the vendors were out and a whole shit load of flowers were on sale.  All the geraniums you could want in nice container arrangments.  Maybe I'll go tomorrow when the weahter is nicer - right now its only 50, but tomorrow should be 75.  Wahoo!!

A little wi-fi magic

Last weekend Earthlink installed a wi-fi antenna just outside our house - as part of the selection process for city-wide wi-fi in Minneapolis.  The connection doesn't seem to be working just yet, but I think they are still in the process of setting up the network.  We in the trial area - but apparently Earthlink is only planning a 1MB connection - versus up to 3MB by the other guys, who also happen to mention supporting Wi-Max.  Though I suppose it doesn't really matter who wins, just as long as its up and running before Comcast takes over our cable internet connection and dramatically increases the price.  Its frickin' outrageous of them charging $10-15 more than Time Warner.  Outrageous - enough that I'd take the lower connection speed not to deal with them.

Blinking Yellow Lights

The city is thinking about taking out some street lights by where I live - and in the decision process they wanted to shutdown the ligth cycle and just let them blink.  So the main street got blinking yellow lights and the side street got blinkng red lights.  The study was supposed to last two weeks, but ended up lasting only 4 days because too many stupid drivers don't seem to understand blinking yellow lights.  More than half of the cars stopped and behaved as if they were at a four-way stop.  I was going NUTS.  I never honked my horn - but my hand was wavering over it. Now hopefully they just remove the damn things and get on with it already.


Spring Blooms

Spring is really starting to show itself around here in Minnesota. I grabbed this shot before heading to work this morning. I didn't even know this tree bloomed.