Public Radio, advancing the economy

I made my first 89.3 The Current inspired purchase the other day. "Say Somethign New" by The Concretes - though granted however I beleive I've heard the song in a commerical at some point, but it was The Current that sold me on the whole song and armed me with the title to head off to iTunes and make the purchase.

Come to think of it, would be nice if the two could come together. If consumers could find the songs they heard on this latest and greatest venture by public radio, and then share the revenue with the station through iTune's Affilation program, now that would be a good thing.


New Golf GTI commercial - totally hot!


Who doesn't love VW, or atleast their commercials. Well, they are at it again, this time will a little updating to some great Americana.




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Drag Queens love 89.3 The Current

It seems everyone is digging this new station. Saw this on The Current's blog and then heard the DJ mention it. FYI, you can also stream it on your computer and the rumor is iTunes will be able to handle the broadcast as well, but thats still in the works.

Minneapolis drag queens dig 89.3, the Current!
Posted by: Wanda Wisdom at January 25, 2005 12:31 PM

Apple lowers BTO pricing on Mac mini | MacNN News

MacNN News

As if its not cheap enough, they go ahead and reduce it even more!


89.3 The Current

MPR: 89.3 The Current

I've been listening to this, the newest station to hit the Twin Cities and I'm quite pleased. Its local, alternative, ecclectic...its just what a lot of people have been waiting for in this town. I'm sure its going to bring in a lot of younger listeners and supporters for public radio. Its not just for Bach anymore - check it out!

RT Rybak for Mayor

Is anyone planning on attending Rybak's announcement for his 2005 bid for Minneapolis mayor on Sunday, Jan 30th? I think I'd like to attend, but I'm not about to go alone.

I've been pretty bad at paying attention to local politics, typically prefering to read about countries around the globe. Since I now pay property taxes and whatnot in the city I figure its a bit more important to get involved.

Here is the 411:

Subject: R.T. officially Announces Run For Reelection

Mayor Rybak Announces Run For Reelection
Sunday, January 30, 2005 at 1:00 PM

When: Sunday, January 30th at 1:00 p.m.
Where: Franklin Art Works, 1021 East Franklin Avenue, Mpls., MN

I'll be talking about my record of accomplishments, vision for the
next term, and why I'm asking for your vote and support. Hope you can
join me.

Please R.S.V.P. at www.RTRybak.com


I finally did it!

I've been living in Minneapolis for going on three years now, and St. Paul the four years before that, and never have I taken the public bus system. It just happens today we had our first real snow storm, the lastest in the season since 1945 or something like that. I left work an hour early today, since the snow had been coming down heavy since the morning, and headed out onto one of the many highways here in the city. Some 2 1/2 hours later I arrived home on a trip that normally would have only lasted 30 minutes on a good day. Ugh.

Alas, my father's 50th birthday was this week and I needed to get him a gift in time for his visit. (He's visiting to check out the new house - I'm not that mean.) As you might imagine I wasn't about to hop back in my car, especially knowing what roads I would need to take. And since we now have this new light-rail light that connects downtown to the Mall of America, and since I live so close to downtown, we headed off to our local bus stop downtown. Connected to the train, off to the mall and repeated the steps in reverse to get home. Unfortunately doing the whole length of the light rail takes a hell of a long time, and the buses start running with growing infrequency. Overall though it wasn't too bad of a trip - a good alternative to driving in this winter storm of ours. Ahh, yes. Fun times.

Target : Apple Mac mini - 40GB

Target : Apple Mac mini - 40GB

Well isn't this interesting, you can buy the Mac mini online at Target.com. Fitting I suppose, and perhaps an indicator what the mini might become....


Canada's military to allow gay weddings on bases

Canada's military to allow gay weddings on bases

I don't think this really needs any commentary from me, speaks pretty much for itself.


The Mac mini: Comparing Apples and Oranges


MacCentral usually isn't good for much of anything these days but on occasion they still suprise me. Today we can read a rather poignant and I should, solid, comparison just how 'cheap' Dell computers really are and what a great deal the Mac mini is for most anyone. Well worth the read if you're misguided about the prudence of an Apple purchase. I recently made a switcher out of someone close and its been quite a succesful adventure - so much so I hardly see him without his trusty new iBook.

It happens every year: Stadium debate at Capitol

Star Tribune

I think building any kind of a stadium in Minnesota at tax payers expense would be criminal, especially in a state with a projected $750 million defecit, increases propery taxes, less and less money for transportation, education and health care, not to mention that already proposed gigantic bonding bill to help pay for transportation. It would be totally irresponsible in a state that in essence allowed 300 people to die last year because the state didn't want to help those who couldn't help themselves stave off disease and return to the workforce. (Heard that on 950 AirAmerica this morning - something about a cap of MinnCare at $5,000 annually)

Stadiums are virtually useless economically - take Detroit for example. They built this new stadium, they're getting the SuperBowl or some other big event and the city still sucks. I'll tell you why (I read a study on this topic) - cities that see the most return on investment when trying to boost local economies are the ones that do the most to attract the Creative Class. Cities can do that by adding bike trails, parks, promoting small businesses and neighborhoods, and encouraging diversity (specifically gays - we gots money and style). Its been a while since I read that study, title something like "Gays and Rock'n Roll", but I beleive it sited Philadelphia as a city that took such steps and has seen a surge in its good times. This of Houston, TX for example, city with the highest percentage of obese people. Who the hell wants to live in Houston, let alone move there?! Hmm!?

Revenue garnered from stadiums goes to so few people, namely the owners and players, and I think most of us can agree they need it the least.


Amazing Story

I'm never using a nail-gun ever. Posted by Hello

Its just hard to imagine one could be shot with a nail-gun and simply not know it, thinking he was suffering from a sudden tooth-ache.

I remember working in wood shop back in highschool, I was always freaking out that a machine was going to kick back or throw something and impale me. If I ever build anything, I'll have to do it the Amish way.


The Aviator

I forgot to mention I caught "The Aviator" at the theatre this past weekend, and although it was fairly long it was still a great movie. Well worth watching, and I must say I'm quite fascinated with the life of Howard Hughes, he left quite a legacy that impacts us each and everyday even if he was a "bit" mental. Not only are 40% of the communication satellites in orbit today built by a Hughes company, he also invented the half-cup bra (not that I really care), and produced roughly forty movies one which I know earned an Oscar.


What a day to be a Mac user, or become one...

About twice a year Apple's CEO Steve Jobs goes up on stage, activates is distorted reality field and I become immediately entranced by his every word. I can understand what it was like to hear Jesus speak during his time on earth, simple moving. Jobs can do no wrong in my mind, but this MacWorld Expo everyone is singing his praises as he continues an aggressive push with the Mac and the iPod.

Meet the Mac mini:

I think this little 6.5 by 2 inch little box is going to change a lot of things this year, especially since it starts at just $499. Plug it into the monitor and keyboard you already have and you've just plugged into the most advanced operating system in the world. Genius!

But thats not all. Apple already owns 65% of the mp3 market - that including flash players, and its up from 31% a year ago. But Steve isn't stopping at 65%, he's going for it all and he's doing with the iPod Shuffle:

Its a little piece of genius and for only $99 its going to sell big. I just got an iPod mini so I'm all set but who knows, right?!


Gene clue to HIV origin in humans


It appears that only a single change to the human gene is needed to enable it to block HIV infection.

I think this is rather exciting news, researchers have identified that changing just one amino acid "building block' in one protein can switch a cell from susceptible to insusceptible to long-term HIV infection. Wow! That seems like something to me, though granted it doesn't mean much in the short-term but hopefully this research can go somewhere fast.

Supreme Court Lets Stand Florida's Gay Adoption Ban

Yahoo News

Just another reason why I have no intention of ever living in Florida, and if I can avoid vacationing there all the better.


NewsFire RSS

So obvioulsy we all know what a blog is, but I'm not sure everyone know's what RSS is. Hell, I don't know what it stands for, Remote Syndicate Streams or some such thing. Basically, it pulls blog entries for reading at one's own pleasure. Or to put it another way, the RSS reader (program on your computer) checks every site set up for it and pulls the latest and greatest. This particular reader, NewsFireRSS for Mac OS X, pulls the new entries, then alerts me when something new has been posted and lets me read it without having to click through all the sites I typically read.

This particular news reader is currently version 0.62 and made just for Mac OS X, and I think its made by the same guy who did Acquisition. Which basically means this is a program truly made for the Mac, this guy knows how to design programs that truly look good and work even better. I love it. The only challenge is not everyone has their site set up for news readers like this. Blogger has the option, but doesn't alert readers to its presence. I have mine turned on, fyi.

Find it at: www.newsfirerss.com


I'm sure people have heard it before, but why do PC users deal with all the hassles of owning a PC?! I deal with PCs everyday at work and its not a pretty site. In the span of six months, 4 of our 6 computers have either been completly replaced or taken away to be 'repaired.' Already my new computer has problems that the tech guy just kind of shrugs about. I'm constantly checking for software updates, spware and viruses.

I'm crossing my fingers for a monitor-fee iMac, as is rumored to be coming out, I think a switch opportunity is brewing. These PCs are just too expensive to keep around the office.


Big news already?!

I don't know if I just missed this news or what, but it seems this year is the last for 'Queer as Folk' and 'Dead Like Me' has been cancelled. QAF is a pretty good show, entertaining at least, but I guess they want to go out on top. Sounds like most of the actors just don't want to stick around any longer.

I think DLM is a victim of bad writing or something, its first year was pretty good, but its second season was fairly lame and other not so good things. But still, it was fun to watch. So now I guess my Sunday evenings are devoted to 'Desperate Housewives' until May when QAF finishes things up over the Summer.


Yet more positive LRT news

Playing it safe with light rail

I hope the state Republicans are listening, it seems LRT just keeps getting better and better news and New Years was no different. I think the line is great, but its not a system. This legislative session is going to be tough, but I'm crossing my fingers that the Central line to St. Paul will make some headway. Light-rail just makes too much sense, other cities wouldn't be going gung-ho over it if it didn't.