No more

I've tried and tried, but I can't do it anymore - I just can't watch the news anymore. I'm usually a pretty informed kind of guy, I like to know what is happening in the world and how it affects me. After the elections I was hitting up political websites everyday reading as much as I could - the TV was almost always on CNN. But he broke me, Bush and Ari Fleischer broke my commitment to staying informed and involved - I couldn't handle one shocking development after another from this administration. I know our government is bad, really bad but I can't handle learning anything new. Maybe now is a good time to move to Germany, or at least Canada.


Why do I like TV so much?


I have these streaks of watching way too much TV, and then it goes way down and I'm really proud of myself when I lay off the electrodes. Lately things have been going well, I try to make Stargate SG-1 and Survivor but that is about it. Well guess what folks, the new seasons are starting of the following: Oz, Six Feet Under, and Queer as Folk. All of which show on Sunday night, so guess what I'll be doing on Sundays. Not going to church in the evening, thats for sure.

Ok, so I'm crap

I was totally going to start adding entries on a regular basis and then what happens, I go AWOL for two weeks. Sorry to anyone who might turn in for new installments - I found a fundamental flaw in the iBlog software I use to make this page happen. The first week I was home and than this last week I was in Hawaii - internet access the entire time, but my software was sitting in Minneapolis the entire time and I wasn't about to use a pen. Maybe I should switch to something like blogger.com - I might look into that sometime.

But yeah, Hawai'i was great - like it wouldn't be - and I won't bore you with the great details. You can just look at the pictures and ask questions if you like.


Dean for America

Ok, Ok. So I didn't make the meeting last night, my friend ditched me at the last minute for what I suppose is a good reason. Obviously I couldn't go by myself because that would have been too much stress. Hopefully though there will be another meetup meeting next month and this time Joe won't be ditching me. In the meantime I've been doing some more research about the guy and liking what I'm seeing. I don't think the pic below linked right to his site so here it is again: www.deanforamerica.com


Dean for America

Tonight I'm almost positive I'm attending a Meetup.com meeting to discuss Howard Dean for the DFL Presidential ticket. I don't know all the much about it yet, but I know he was a popular governor of Vermont and seems to have a lot of views that coincide with mine. So hopefully I can learn some more tonight, and maybe even get more involved with the campaign.

Gays and their techno/dance music

My roommate asked me a question the other day, "Why do gay clubs/bars seem like all they play is dance/techno music?" The people she was with couldn't answer the question, but I think I might take a stab at it. Now although my answer runs on the assumption of basic gay stereotypes, I still think it has some validity. Likewise, I realize not all people are the same - I'm sure somewhere in this world there is some guy wishing he could party it up at a gay country music bar. But enough day dreaming - on to my answer. For Melissa, I said its probably because this type of music has an easily discernible beat. Making it easy to dance without concentrating; all the better to flirt with the cute guy across the room or on the other side of your jeans.

By the way, I'm listening to some dance music and feeling like making a trip to just such a bar/club. Anyone feeling frisky?!?


Hawaii in two weeks

So I'm going on a family vacation in two weeks to Hawaii, and though I'm excited I'm also dreading spending an entire week with my family. Don't get me wrong, I love them to death but vacations are not always fun especially in this case. Let me elaborate, first of all I really, really, really hate being a 'tourist' - if I'm somewhere on vacation I want to blend in as much as possible. During my high school class trip to Germany I kind of happened to get separated from the heard of backpack carrying students - then and only then did I manage to walk in a store and have the clerk actually start to talk German. Otherwise it was like shooting fish in a barrel for the Germans to pick us out of the crowd.

Since this is the family's first time to Hawaii, everyone wants to do the typical tourist spots. Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing the volcanos, national parks, Pearl Harbor, etc but fuck thats all we'll be doing. Walking around with backpacks and cameras in hand getting it all. My camera is about as small as they come for a decent digital camera - and that is for a very specific reason: so it can stay in my pocket unnoticed for as much as possible. I have this aversion to people seeing me take pictures - again it makes me look like a tourist. I would much rather rent a scooter and find the real Hawaii that is typical for everyday citizens, and maybe learn more about the islands before the American invasion.

Have I talked about my family yet? I already know Mom will be hyperventilating just about every time something goes even remotely awry. We will 'have' to be at the airport two hours before the plane leaves, even though it won't leave until we get there since its a private plane. Dad will do nothing but have a grumpy face every time a meal is served. He comes from the theory about food; if its more than basic meat and potatoes it isn't worth eating. I hope we have 'weird' shit every day just so he has no choice, but I'm sure he'll escape to a McDonalds anyway. Any my brother, well he'll probably be alright and just stick with me most of the time - I haven't decided if thats a good thing or not.

Being out won't be an option. Its my philosophy only to be out to people that truly matter in my life and that it completely true, but that doesn't include extended family who will also be with us. I don't mind hearing, "Got a girlfriend?" at a family gathering - they only last the afternoon or evening. But this is a whole week and I'm kind of pissed about it because I don't feel comfortable coming out to some of these people - my great grandma especially. So guess what, I'm going to be straight in two weeks - and I'm so screwed. I've lost 'Who can act straight to longest' to a former drag queen.

This is how it goes

Alright listen up folks. The mean things you do to people will eventually happen to you so watch the hell out. I had this nasty habit of not calling dates back if I was no longer interested. Sometimes he got the hint, and sometimes I received some very nasty voice-mails. Now don't get the idea I do this all the time - I don't date all that much and no its not because news gets around. So it happened to me a few weeks ago, I met someone who I became very fond. Things from my perspective seemed to be going well, but apparently this was not the case because I haven't heard a thing from him in two weeks. So yeah, don't do the things you know to be mean, because it burns when you're swallowing your own medicine.