Al Gore Isn't Running in '04

Just some comments on Al Gore's decision not to run in 2004

Well I must say I'm suprised and disappointed in Gore's decision not to run for President. Since the 'failed' election campaign, and especially in the last month including his appearance on SNL, Al Gore has become a charismatic individual capable of uniting the Democrats in a campaign against the tyranny a long-term stupidity of the current administration.

I was starting to like this guy a lot more than I did in 2000, when I voted for the lesser of two evils. In 2004 I think I would have said I was voting for the better person, human, American.


North Korea - Is anyone surprised?

I don't think anyone should be suprised with North Korea's recent actions - In this case Bush is clearly the bad guy.

During the Clinton administration the US supported the Sunshine policy of South Korea, an attempt of progressive and open talks between the two Koreas. As a result families were reunited for the first time in decades, and talks were begun to rebuild a railroad - the first direct transportation in just as many years. The situation was finally starting to look up and we could even start dreaming of the time the US could remove its 37,000 soldiers from the pennisula. Then the Supreme court appointed George W. as president of the United States and everything changed. The policy of radical right-wing neo-conservatives decided the US would suspend all dialogue with the North and soon called them a member of the Axis of Evil. Very suddenly the leaders of North Korea were condemned no matter what good they were undertaking. This so-called evil member has lots of probems, famine being of major concern - this is not a country looking for a fight. Its a wounded animal looking to save some of its pride while it begs for help.


Progressive Media

I've been looking for a progressive media outlet, but yet haven't found anything comprehensive.

Over the past few months, especially since the last elections, I've been searching for progressive or liberal media to feed my hunger for such news reporting since we don't get it on TV. I'm not a particular fan of the Bush administration and I would really like to hear a counterpoint his schemes. So far I've found outlets on the web, smirkingchimp.com being my favorite, but what I would really like to some talk radio. The right-wingers have radio, why don't us liberals? Is there a talk radio station out there that isn't helping the Republicans distort America's perception of the truth?

If you know of anything I would love to hear from you. If I knew something more about radio, etc. I'd start something myself.

A list of Fears -

I think I have Social Anxiety Disorder.

For the past few months, ever since I became aware of such a condition, I've been doing some research on Social Anxiety Disorder. Apparently its believed to be the third most common psychological disorder in America, and I'm pretty sure I have it. Basically sufferes experience intense, debilitating fear of social interactions. And since I have a lot of time on my hands I've been doing a lot of critical thinking about my 'fears.' So I thought I'd put down in text for posterity sake, besides its getting hard remembering everything.

1. Well first off I'm totally uncomfortable with the phone, I almost never call anyone and people are truly lucky when I pick up - Thank goodness for caller ID. My immediate family and a select few people are excluded from this aversion.
2. I really dislike people seeing me doing household chores - I don't have a problem doing them, just don't want anyone to see me.

3. Making eye contact with other drivers.

4. Public restroom - specifically No. 2 when other people are on the room. It used to be I couldn't at all using a public flusher, but I've managed to come a little further.

5. Speaking with absolute strangers - ie. flirting. I just won't do - doesn't matter how many drinks I've had.