Wii, the 'green' game console

Just read an article on WiiFanboy regarding the power consumption of gaming consoles. Seems the Wii blows the competition clearly out of the water. Now I don't feel so bad leaving it on all the time (in sleep) but maybe we'll shutoff WiiConnect24.



Work has been crazy busy and all the homework on top hasn't been helping with the stress levels, but I still managed to learn just enough Flash to make something useful. In our office, we have these three 40" LCDs in the lobby, and I was fortunate enough to get the chance to work with them. Though not incredibly exciting, its my first chance at learning Flash and seeing what it can do.

Anyway, there were more than a few kinks to work out and I still have plenty of little things to learn. But I've managed to build a relatively nice looking movie that fills out the screens (no easy task) and looks good doing it. I have a few guide books to read and I'm taking a two-day class next month - I'll be an old pro in no time.


Crap! I let me BusinessWeek subscription run out. Damn't!


Here we come Cozumel!

We finally settled on a vacation spot for some fun in the sun. Its pretty much my first ‘real’ vacation on my own - and the first more-than-a-weekend vacation together with Bill. We’ve planned for seven days at an all-inclusive beach resort, there will be snorkeling, mopeding, site-seeing, para-sailing, and certainly lots of laying around.


Work was just a bevy of nightmares these past two weeks. Two major deadlines within days of each other - and the bigger the project and tighter the deadline = the more things that go wrong. And my late nights in the office were completely surpassed by one of my co-workers who was there almost non-stop. I can tell my homework this week suffered a little bit, not too much that I'm going to do bad in the course, but enough to disappoint myself. Ofcourse the week was focused on distribution, not one of the most delightful aspects of marketing thats for sure.

On top of it, our new printer for the office isn't connected to the network just yet - so that means lots of running back and forth between buildings to get anything printed in color. What fun - but it works out since sort of since I haven't made it to the gym in a while. I haven't been doing horrible on that front - just maintaining my current wait during all these late nights and 'some' poor eating - but I swear I watched it.

Holy crap I have to teach myself Flash quick fast and in a hurry. I'm the resident tech-guy at work, so that means anything 'fancy' means I'm it. Not to complain though, looks cool and should be interesting.