Couple of Stories

Last night I went out with Melissa for dinner at our favorite Chinese place, Cleveland Wok in St. Paul - check it out sometime if you haven't. While we were dining, Melissa pauses for a moment to reveal to me the 'one' thing I taught her. I'm sure all the boys will know this, but when you have a straw in a glass of some fluid you can pull some of the fluid out by simply placing a finger over the top of the straw. Sometimes when I get bored I'll do this repetitively, or when I'm drinking root beer floats. Apparently Melissa had never known about this little trick of physics and was quite taken with it - now she does this when bored.

Well now that I have you going to the Wok, you should check out the new store across the street from it, Patina. It reminded me a lot of The Afternoon at the Mall of America, but bigger and perhaps even more fun. I just checked around the store, but this could be my replacement store for gift shopping. Lots of fun things to check out, and if I had some money I would have bought something.



Work has been putzing along for the last two weeks, its satisfying enough not to bore me into a coma, but at the same time its just not enough intellectually let alone financially. But I’m not going to talk about my finances, its my own damn fault and I don’t deserve sympathy at all, though a little help here and there is greatly appreciated.

I went to school for marketing, I know that’s what I’m good at otherwise I would haven’t studied it in the first place. I’ve recently settled on a statement for my preferred career/career path, “product and/or business development and/or redevelopment in a consumer and/or technology driven company.” When everything is all boiled down, business development is the stuff that gets me going. Back in high school I took part in developing a youth center in my hometown. Putting on a fundraiser was ok, but discussing and writing a business plan, creating a business model and discussing revenue streams can keep me going all night long. And I did mean to make a sexual reference just now, because when I got game, I feel the sexiest. My career statement really came into focus last week when I realized I’m writing a business plan for fun – I’m not even joking. I love this stuff, come up with an idea and figure out how it would work, though figuring out how to make it work is the hard part for me. The business plan would be totally awesome for the Twin Cities, let alone national development, but I don’t have a clue how to do it all let alone get the money. I’m an idea guy, I come up with ideas and tell you how to do it - but I'm lackluster on the follow-through. Partially because I’m dependent on other people for motivation, but also because I haven’t had the exposure to business other people might have. Coming from a blue-collar family, I find it hard to relate and integrate into the white-collar world I’m intelligent enough to be a part of.

So if you’re reading this and you have some advice or insight into starting a small business I would really love to hear it, or just some words of encouragement and motivation would be nice too.