Pathway: to better wikipedia research

Ok, now I won't disagree with anyone who says wikipedia shouldn't be used as a serious research tool. However, it can be a great place to start and you can usually find some great resources to other information. But if you've ever found yourself going from one topic to another and wound up in some strange topic not even close to the one you started - this is the tool for you. Pathway is a little application for browsing wikipedia, but its real value is the history function. Every entry to you go is tracked and your visit is graphically represented. At the end of your session, you can save your 'research trip' for review later on with a search function. So all those great tidbits of information you found will be right at your fingertips without any fuss.

I echo Scott on this one

Scott posted how much he liked the new show Heroes, and then I stumbled upon a re-broadcast of the show last night. Now guess what? I'm hooked too!

The pilot show was mostly a teaser and introduction to many of the characters, but the suspense in the plot is already quite heavy. Tivo is or catch a re-run as soon as you can. Seriously - go now!


iPhone on Cingular?!

Say it ain't so! I despise Cingular, and seeing Apple work with them on the ROKR was hard enough, but if the much rumored iPhone comes out as a Cingular exclusive - OH the humanity! Now although it is a rumor, it does mention the exclusivity will only last 6 months. But still, I'm ready for a new phone in February and as this rumor goes I'll be waiting a bit.


iTV could be even cooler

That is if the conjecture of Robert Cringley of PBS could have some validity. MacNN reports Robert suggesting the USB port on the iTV could be used for an iSight camera to offer living room video chatting/conferencing. Just imagine it, face to face chatting with family and friends from your sofa on your big screen television. Holy crap, life just keeps getting more and more exciting. http://beta.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif


I hate Bibliographies

Well, that was until I found ottobib. The site automates writing bibliographies, in accordance with several formats, all with the entering of an ISBN and you're done. This is pure genius!!


a blog all about Web 2.0

Oh this is just what I've been looking for: a blog talking just about Web 2.0 properties on the net. I get such a kick out of all the cool new thhttp://beta.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifings people are doing with website. rev2.org is there to keep us all up to date.


My Vote for Best Widget

This widget should probably win awards. By far and away this must be the best way to keep your software up-to-date, which is something I love knowing. Out dated software always kind of drives me nuts - lately I've been using MacUpdate.com's WatchList to be notified of any updates that come out. But now the App Update widget does the work of checking the software and provides a convenient link to download the updates. Couldn't be any easier.


Speed up the wi-fi

Ok, so Minneapolis is getting city-wide wi-fi and apparently its going to take until fall 2007 for the network to be up and running. Which seems like a really long-ass time to put up a bunch of antennas. This is especially the case when you look to Toronto's new wi-fi network that is currently going up. As fas as I know, the network first came into the public's atthttp://beta.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifention early this year and guess where they are now? The entire financial district has been lit up today with free wi-fi for the next 6 months. The network will be building out from the "One Zone" and expanding for at least the next three years to encompass over 700 square km. I'm just thinking Minneapolis should be able to get thier network moving along a little faster than 12 months.


Got BIG iMac?!

I can't even imagine how big this thing is - I thought the 20" was going to be the limit in size but I guess not. Oh, and it looks like the prices dropped on the backend!


The Rumor is looking true

This one seems to be legit, stating Apple has sent out an email inviting media to a special event on September 12th with the words, "Its Showtime".

Hmm, wonder what this event is going to be all about.