To the stinky guy at the gym...

...brush your teeth before you workout.  You were breathing such a toxic fume it made me feel ill and cut my workout short.

And to the fat guy.  I'm thrilled you're working out - it takes a lot of courage and confidence to take the first steps to a healthier body.  But for the love of everything holy - stop dressing like you're a 110 lb jogger.  Get rid of the sweat band around your head, the short shorts (ahhh!) and the muscle shirts.  


Congratulations to Al Gore on winning the Nobel Peace prize.


Long distance relationship

I finally got to catch Bourne Ultimatum this weekend.  This long distance relationship makes it difficult to catch movies together with Bill, but it was worth the wait.  Wow - this one was really good - they gave the audience everything we wanted and then some.  


Plane conversation

I have never had a flight conversation before - I'm a quiet guy. But for my inaugraul talk I end up talking cars and refering to bill as my girlfriend. Fun.
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Hockey is way more fun than baseball

Ok, so yes I'm 27 and I've never seen a hockey game in person - but now that I have I'm totally up for another.  I had no idea the referees actually stand back and watch the fights - I was in total shock during the first fight of the game.  Brutal and so gosh-damn fun!