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Its about frickin' time JotSpot was taken out of private beta status. How long has it been since the Google purchased the site?! (16 months)

Google Sites: Hosted Wikis for Group Sites - Rev2.org


Second most annoying comment about moving to Canada

"Do you have to learn a new language?"

Some people even seem confused about what language they actually speak up there.


Dear SuperTarget,

Oh how I will miss thee. You've been so good to me - most of the time - and though I've enjoyed my visits I couldn't help but smile this evening. You see, I won't be visiting anymore. That was the last time for awhile I'll swipe my shiny red Target card at your register. I'm moving on to a land deprived of SuperTargets or Targets of any kind. Sad, yes I know but I think you'll agree its a small sacrifice I must make. Oh and don't worry about visits to Wal-Mart - that for sure as hell ain't happenin'. Maybe I'll get a chance to visit you in Buffalo. Are you Super in Buffalo? (Is anything super in Buffalo?!)

Thanks again for everything SuperTarget! I'll miss your little lemon poppy seed scones - with the bit of frosting on top. I'm having a couple right now.




It better not be snowing more on March 2nd in Toronto. I'm not interested in that annoyance on my first day.


Its about damn time! Starbucks is coming out with free Wi-Fi for their US locations in 2008.


Welcome to Canada

Well the time has finally come. After many months of putting my application together and waiting for an official response, I've been invited to immigrate to Canada. During the wait, the months dragged on and on and now that the time has finally come it feels like its only been a couple of weeks waiting. Today I gave my resignation at work and planned the going-away happy hour. Then on March 2nd, kitty and I are jumping in a packed Coop and driving on through to Toronto. Well, as long as the border officer is nice...