I spent $43.78 to download and watch the entire first season of Jericho - which had been set to not return to the small screen despite a rather dramatic cliffhanging season finale.  Unfortunately I never had or took the opportunity to catch the show when it was aired on TV - between the lack of knowing anything about the show and whenever it aired I just never caught an episode.  But from the first show I was hooked, drawn in by the post-apocalyptic drama set in central Kansas.  

I caught myself day-dreaming a little bit about how I might survive such a scenario.  Ofcourse I've always been one for the 'fantasy' this type - though by no means wishful for it.  

I'm looking forward to catching the next eight or so episode that have now been ordered up since CBS headquarters was inundated with tons and tons of peanuts.  Hopefully there will be an entire season in the works soon enough.


I just got back from catching SiCKO - I need to digest it.